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The Papachichi Style Pink Hot Comb Pro Edition Might Just Be The Ultimate Wig Hot Comb!

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If I was asked to describe Papachichi Style Pink Hot Comb Pro Edition, I would have to describe it as the “Rich Auntie upgrade to the Papachichi P230 Hot comb’

It’s sleeker. More user-friendly. . . and more expensive.

The Papachichi Style P260 Pink Hot Comb is the upgraded version to the iconic P230 Pink Comb as it addresses features that the original hot comb lacked. I was a little surprised to see it come to market as it was launched less than 6 months after it’s predecessor. The original pink hot comb is still extremely popular and best-selling item for Papachichi (despite it’s minor flaking issue).

As I reviewed the original Papachichi Style Pink Hot Comb quite in May 2020 so I wanted to approach this review from a different angle.

Rather than list all the brand new features that the Pro Edition P230 Hot Comb – and trust me, there’s a lot – we are going to just focus on the differences between the Papachichi Style P230 Pink Hot Comb vs. the Papachichi Style P260 Pink Hot Comb as I know you just want to know which product is “better” and/or which hot comb you should purchase.



If we just compare the bodies of these two hot combs against each other, you can see some very clear improvements straight away.

The Papachichi Style P260 Pink Hot Comb – £43.99 via Papachichi Style – has a rubber grip which makes it feel very secure when held.  With this hot comb, you will be able to apply a reasonable amount of tension to your wig  or natural hair without worrying that this heat tool will slip out of your hands.

A design feature that I noticed was that the stand for this pink hot comb is also rubberised. This is such a solid functional adaption as you can now stand or place the hot comb on a (flat) surface without the worry that the heat tool will burn the surface. While the original P230 hotcomb did have a stand – this feature didn’t just pop out of nowhere – the P230 stand was metal and prone to conducting heat.



Another design feature that I feel that I should point out – as it’s my FAVOURITE new feature – is the shorter comb head stem. You might not be excited about this but from a user point this is FANTASTIC from a useability point of view.

The shorter head steam gives you more control as you use the tool to get closer to the root of the hair without burning your scalp or unit.


The Papachichi Style website says that the teeth on the P260 comb head is smaller but if I’m honest, I can’t tell. I did try and line up the two pink hot combs to see if the size differences of the hot combs would become more evident and I still couldn’t tell.

I think the change to the comb head stem length makes the comb on the Pro Edition Hot Comb appear smaller but you be the judge.


Papachichi Style Pro Edition – Pink Hot Comb P260

Papachichi Style P260 Pro Edition Pink Hot Comb

Buy Now: £43.99 via Papachichi Style


If you consider that the industry standard for a Hot Comb was 200 degrees until Papachichi Style launched their original hot comb, the fact that the Pro Edition Hot Comb goes up to 260 degrees BLOWS my mind.

When turned on, you get a small visual screen that displays the current heat setting that the hot comb is on. The 9 heat settings are adjustable and have a heat-lock function to prevent you from mistakenly decreasing or increasing the heat setting when in use.

Personally I am a HUGE fan of this heat lock feature as I’m always accidently changing the heat temperatures on all my styling tools as I’m using it. There’s nothing more annoying that setting a heat tool to 210 degrees and then the next thing you know the display is reading 160 degrees so the fact that Papachichi Style has approached this issues from a user point of view  . . . #GOALS!



Now this review is not to bash the original Pink Hot Comb  – because I still love her to bits and she has served me VERY well – but this Pro Edition Hot Comb does address a lot of the issues I had with the first Papachichi Hotcomb i.e. the pink enamel flaking.

I’m very happy to see that Mary of Papachichi Style has clearly listened to her audience and moved very quickly – despite the Pandemic conditions – to upgrade her original product and bring it to the UK market within a 6 month period!

I feel very guilty to say that I will be swapping out my usual wig hot comb for the P260 Pro Edition Pink Hot Comb as I haven’t got my money’s worth from the original Pink Hot Comb. I don’t think this is a MUST-HAVE if you bought the original but it is a definitely an upgrade.

The Papachichi Style P260 Pro Edition Pink Hot Comb costs £43.99 and is available to purchase from Papachichi Style.



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