Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Sisterlocks

Locs are undoubtedly one of the most famous hairstyles for natural hair and this year – thanks to Covid – we have seen a rise in the popularity of this hairstyle due to its low maintenance nature and to prevent hair breakage.

Essentially, if you lock your hair and your maintenance game is on point, your hair can grow longer and healthier.

With the trend of locs picking up, we thought we should share some light on a relatively new style gracing our instagram pages  called Sisterlocks.



Created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993, Sisterlocks are a variation of the traditional Locs style created to promote self empowerment and expression in women.

 Sisterlocks have been designed to be much thinner and created with a different technique, which is meant to helps in the improvement of a natural hair care system, which makes for better hair and self esteem. 

We love this hairstyle due to its versatility so we wanted to go into some essential things to note if you are on the fence about rocking this look.


Installation Time:

For traditional locs, the time used to install them is usually dependent on the length but it would on average it takes about 3-6 hours to complete.

Sisterlocks are a different kettle of fish.

On average, Sisterlocks takes about 36 hours to install due to how intricate the installation is.  

We recommend setting out a clear schedule with your stylist when considering this style to set your expectations.


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Installation Process

Similar to the Knotless braid technique, a hair stylist usually uses a wax to roll large sections of your hair when installing traditional locs, however Sisterlocks are made without any product.

This lack of a control product is one of the key reasons why the Sisterlock process is longer than you would expect.


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Texture Requirement:

Another way both hairstyles differ is the hair texture required to pull them off.

For traditional locs, your hair needs to be completely natural, whether it is long or short whereas, Sisterlocks can be installed on both natural and relaxed hair.

This means that you can go straight into the Sisterlocks process regardless of the stage you are at in your hair journey



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As you might have already guessed, Sisterlocks are a lot more pricey compared to traditional locs.

Since the process usually takes about 36 hours and it is woven intricately by hand, it costs about £500-£800 for a session.

For traditional locs, it costs about £50- £100.


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Styling Possibilities

Considering how often a hairstyle can be to switched up is always an important factor when making your choice. To ascertain this, it is essential to take the weight into consideration.

Traditional locs look amazing when they are left to drop, as it can get really heavy the longer it is. Sisterlocks on the other hand, is thinner and lightweight, hence, making it easier to style.

This difference in weight and thickness makes Sisterlocks easier to work with and to create multiple fashionable styles with.



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How To Maintain Sisterlocks

We imagine if you have spent a pretty penny on installing sisterlocks, you need to take care of it. It takes about a year for your Sisterlocks to settle, so within that period, you need to be careful not to unravel the twists. Hence, you need to section and bundle some locs when you want to wash or condition your hair.

Air drying is also a good idea, as it prevents frizz and retains moisture.


Written by Sadiqah K

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