So, last night, while some of you were tucked away warm and dry with a cup of tea in your hands, Grace & I were marching through torrential, London rain on our way to the Tatiana Hair Extensions Flagship store in Highstreet Kensington for an insight into the world or luxury human hair extensions.

Celebrity Hair extensions guru, Tatiana Karelina invited us down to show off her new soon-to-be-released Avant-Garde viral video and also details of an accompanying ‘Spot the Difference’ competition video which sees the lucky winner winning an Ipad! There is no set release date for these videos yet but I’ll be sure to post them up once they are released because the viral video is actually amazing.

The highlight of the evening for me was watching one of Tatiana’s stylists hand make a weft of clip-in extensions using 4 different shades of human hair to custom match the colour of the extensions to a clients hair (highlights and lowlights).  The amount of attention and effort taken with each extension strand, piece, and weft is just amazing! I’ve never seen hand-wefted extensions before or seen someone make on either and let me just tell you that her hands were moving so quickly so if my pictures look a bit blurred; you know the reason.

Though I’ve heard about Tatiana’s hair extensions before, I’ve never actually gone to her flagship store before so I couldn’t help being a bit nosey and having a full on inspection of the salon décor. The small touches like the mounted, copper clock and of course the Marilyn Monroe glass mural on the far wall stuck out for me but I just loved how uncluttered and personal her store was (makes a big change from my local salon, I can tell you that for free)

I’m actually really interested in trying out some individual glued-in extensions; probably ¾ or a full head, now after talking to Tatiana and her hair stylists. Not sure how much damage it might do to my hair though so I’m going to do a bit more research on it and start saving.
Loving her Extensions something Fierce!!!


Have you tried out individual extensions before? What was your hair condition like after you took them off?