No matter how long I’ve been writing my blog, my biggest worry is that nobody is reading my post as the blogosphere has just exploded recently and I feel like I’m getting drowned out sometimes. I know I’m probably not the only person who feels that way, so when I heard that Reward Style were running a London based Masterclass on Blogging Monetisation, SEO, Smart Analytics and Developing your audience, it just seemed like the makeup gods were listening to my woes and threw me a lifeline. I learnt so much at the event and have siphoned soo many great ideas that I want to implement on my blog sooooo I got to thinking. ‘Maybe some of my readers would like some tips on how to optimise their blog to the best of their abililty’ and et voila!!!! New Post Time!



What Are Your Readers Searching For?

KEYWORDS are the best indications for you to know what your readers want and how they have landed on your blog. Keywords are basically words that people search for in a search engine so It really makes your life A LOT easier if you repeat your strongest keywords all over your blog – about page, blog posts, pictures etc –at the moment I find that majority of my readers search my blog for nailpolish and lipstick swatches on dark skin so I’ve taken this on board and devoted an entire section of my blog to swatches (also known as The Epiphannie Index).


Can Your Readers Find You?

One of the things that really helps to boost your blog ranking on Google is SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation. Getting your blog’s SEO isn’t as difficult and technical as you might think, it’s actually super easy to do. The first thing you have to do is set up your blog’s ‘META-INFORMATION’. Your blog’s Meta-Information is what you seen when a website is listed on Google, so you really should try to describe your blog in about 5 words, for example if you searched my blog at the moment, it comes up as ‘Epiphannie A:- Black, British, Fashion & Beauty Blog’ and I’ve chosen these keywords as they are my blog’s most popular keywords and I’ve added a short 100 word description of my blog as my ‘META-DESCRIPTION’ so you know exactly what my blog is about before you click through.


Know Your Blog Platform

I currently use WordPress as I wanted a bit more control over my content and blog design plus I find owning your blog domain really opens certain monetary doors for you. As WordPress isn’t operated by Google, you do have to add a few widgets to your system to help boost your SEO performance but this is really easy to do.

I really picked up some great tips from the London Reward Style Masterclass and I really hope that these little tidbits I’ve gleamed help you out with your blogs/website. I might do another post later on in the week talking about the WordPress plugins I use on my blog so let me know if you want to see that