Candles, Lillies in Fishbowls, Crystals and a Botanical Infused Skin Range . . . Welcome to Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects.

With a breakfast menu containing ingredients like Sea kelps, Water Lily, Flaxseed, Guaca and Kanuka and the room delicately designed with refreshing elements, it was clear from the start that Mary Kay Botanical Effects Launch at The Botanist in Sloane Square, was inspired and sourced by nature, very much like the new range.

Catering to the 4 skin types within their 2 Botanic formulations; Normal to Dry and Combination to Oily, each Botanic Effect Formulation Range includes a cleanser, freshener mask and moisturiser which promises to cleanse, freshen and hydrate your skin. The Normal to Dry line is packed with Flaxseed extract and Sea Kelp while the Combination to Oily line comes with Guava and Kanuka. Besides the key ingredients that are included for each skin type, each product in the Botanical Effects range comes with a exclusice and special anti-oxidant rich complex that included Silymarin (milk thistle) and Luo Han Guo, which are both power antioxidants that help to defend environmental damage and promote healthy skin.

What is really noteworthy with this line, is that the brains behind Mary Kay Botanical Range really thought out and are very consistent with how they have applied their Botanical Effects Theme. Unlike some brands, Mary Kay run their organic and green mindset from the products ingredients to their packaging.

The packaging looks light and airy with soft pastel greens and purple, yet is made from post-consumer recycled content, their lightweight caps uses 30% less plastic than traditional caps and is also printed with Soy Ink.

A Lack of synthetic dyes, no added fragrances and packed with natural plant extract, is surely enough to convince the most sensitive and naturalist of skins to give Mary Kay’s new line a try.