As I’m now back in full-time employment, I don’t really go to as many events as I used to as it’s not physically possible for me to be at my job and across London at a press day – well at least not until my superpowers kick in or I get cloned – I only go to events I’m genuinely interested in and just what could be more interesting that stunning Zodiac inspired charm bracelets???!

Not much!!

I’ve loved Pandora for as long as I can remember. I was even one of those girls who DEMANDED a charm bracelet for their graduation – which I never used as I don’t want to lose it – and I have been playing around with getting a few new everyday pieces lately so popping down to their Marble Arch store earlier this week was really a mixture of fun and work for me,. epiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones

I’m not really the type to buy jewellery every single day or every time I go shopping – unless there happens to be a VERY good deal on but when I do, I’ve been choosing very delicate, stackable pieces which go with a wide array of outfits as I tend to be very trend orientated and sometime chunky jewellery just doesn’t of it.

The brand new Zodiac Collection from Pandora introduces us to 12 sterling silver charms set with sparkling cubic zirconia that each represent a zodiac sign. If you didn’t know I’m a Taurus aka temperamental and plain ol’ wacky so I will be wearing my Pandora zodiac charm as a fashion statement AND a warning label – just so you know – and I’m thinking of pairing my new charm with a Passion, Loyalty and Positivity charms as those are elements that mean the most to me and what I believe to be my essense.

I couldn’t spend as much time as I would have liked instore but I really hope you enjoy looking at my pictures and if you fall in love with new Pandora Zodiac Collection – and no one would blame you as the charms as gorgeous – you’ll be happy to know that the collection is available to purchase from your nearest Pandora Counter & the Pandora Website. epiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones_2 epiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones_nikoia_lumia_630 epiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_zodiac_astrology_astronomy_birth_charms_stonesepiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones_wordsepiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones_stackableepiphanniea_pandora_essence_zodiac_collection_charms_stones_granola_yoghurtepiphanniea_pandora_chams