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I haven’t got the largest highlighter collection in the world but even I have to admit that Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder is pure dark skin highlighting goals! Where has this highlighter been all of my blogging life as this shade is simply stunning?!

A few months ago, I was super lucky to be invited to a Bobbi Brown Masterclass where Amy Conway: a Bobbi Brown Pro Makeup Artist, was able to talk through a few items in the Bobbi Brown range and I was allowed to swatch and play with products from their makeup line without a sales assistant hovering behind my shoulder.

I now feel like I’ve been really late in the game when it comes to the Bobbi Brown makeup range as I have never seen it as a brand to experiment with as it is on the pricey scale of my makeup budget and if I purchased something from Bobbi Brown and didn’t like it, the money I would have lost would actually scar me emotionally – ok, I’m being a bit dramatic (I get it) but my wear vs. price ratio is the only thing that justifies my over the top spending on beauty products – so I’m really happened that Bobbi Brown got in contact as I purchased a few items with at the masterclass that I am absolutely IN LOVE with, and this highlighter being one of them.

The Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder – £35.50 via Bobbi Brown – is a warm copper, high-impact, light-reflective powder gives that been designed to give the skin a gorgeous, shimmering, bronze-toned highlight that can be built up for a striking, high impact glow or a gentle, every-day strobing effect. Specifically formulated with Medium to Dark Skin tones in mind – why is my skin looks so gosh darn good – the Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighter has a superfine, silky powder formulation made with highly-reflective pearl pigments layered on a clear base that applies smoothly onto the skin without leaving a chunky, uneven effect.

On my skin, this highlighting powder gives my skin a soft, sunkissed glow that is simply stunning and was still going strong at the 6 hour mark.

I think what I like most about this highlighter is how sturdy the packaging is. As I tend to do most of my makeup on the go – yes, I am that girl who does her makeup on the Bus or train to work (it’s called maximising my time) – my pet peeve in life is having a highlighter disintegrate in my bag so the Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighter’s sleek, flat compact gets many points from me . . . especially because it comes with a mirror.

The Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder costs £35.50 and is available to purchase from Bobbi Brown and Debenhams

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder
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