I’m not very good at keeping secrets but I’ve been sitting on the fact that By Terry where bringing out dark shades in the By Terry Light Expert Click Brush foundation for almost 7 months. One year and two months ago, I was invited to attend the By Terry: Light Expert Click Brush Foundation event in London and was bitterly disappointed to find out that there was no shades for darker skintones in the entire foundation range. As you can imagine I was quite upset as I REALLY like the By Terry makeup range & I felt that I had been excluded on the basis on my skintone (and trust me that’s not a nice feeling to have but one I experience almost every week as a beauty blogger).

A few weeks later, I received an amazing opportunity by ByTerry to come to their office and attend a workshop designed specifically around darker shades for By Terry Light Expert Click Brush foundation . . . I kid you NOT, I was actually invited down to the ByTerry office to help choose what dark foundations would be included into the Light Expert Click Brush Range and Terry de Gunzburg was there.

Do you NOT understand how BIG that is????

Not only did a brand listen to their customer complaints and recommendations BUT the Founder of the brand ACTIVELY got involved and listened to!!!


The new By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Foundation in Intense Mocha & Amber Brown arrived last night and they are beautiful!! I haven’t had a chance to swatch them on my face yet – that will be done during the week but I just wanted to say how proud I am of the By Terry brand and how excited I am look down at my table and see these foundations.



The By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Foundations cost £48 each and should be available to purchase from SpaceNK and Cult Beauty – though I’m not quite sure when the new shades will be added. I will be reviewing the By Terry  Intense Mocha Light Expert Click Brush separately so watch out for my review!