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When word got out that the Deciem £5.90 foundation had FINALLY launched on their site, please believe that it took me less than 5 minutes to purchase the Deciem The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 3.3N, 3.2N & 3.2R . . . did I need all three foundations? Heck No! But experience has taught me to always play it safe when buying foundations online – especially when I’ve never even swatched – and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

It’s not often, you find foundations suitable for dark skin tones at a reasonable price on the UK beauty market – although the shade choice is VERY limited and NOTHING to get overly excited about – at least the effort was made to launch the Deciem The Ordinary Coverage Foundation with a varied range of shades rather than include darker foundations at a later date and then act like they’ve done the world a huge service.

The The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – £5.90 via Deciem – is a range of semi-matte, SPF 15, fragrance free foundation formulations which contain high pigment levels. The Ordinary decribes their Coverage Foundation as having a lightweight texture similar to a non-oily cream rather than something that could make your skin feel heavy and aged

You got 30ml worth of foundation which comes with a flock, velvet pump – think the NARS packaging and you get the idea – I prefer foundations with pumps as I personally feel that they are more hygienic and easy to use on a moving train but I will say that although the bottles LOOK transparent, they aren’t and give a distorted view of the actual foundation shade in the bottle.

As you can see in my swatch above, I honestly had NO clue what colour I would be in the Coverage Foundation so I just decided to purchase 3.3N, 3.2N & 3.2R and I can comfortable use 3.2N but I think it runs a little red/dark – useable but not perfect. When applying on the skin I find that the The Ordinary 3.2N Coverage Foundation is  a little thick with a blendable, even coverage but it does not oxidise on the skin and I don’t feel like my foundation feels heavy and caked on – which is what you really want in a foundation to be honest.

The Ordinary 3.2N Coverage Foundation

As I don’t have any hyper-pigmentation or dark spots that cannot be covered under a light layer of foundation, I don’t know if you’ll need to do any spot correction or any fancy foundation coverage tricks but I’m a happy camper and would recommend this foundation (especially as it only costs about 1/5th of my usual foundation!)

The Deciem The Ordinary Coverage Foundation costs £5.90 and is available to purchase from Deciem and ASOS now

Deceim The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
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