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I’m ridiculously excited about the Essie Winter Collection 2017 even though I’m predominately known as a ‘lipstick blogger’, I do have a sweet spot for nail polishes ESPECIALLY Essie nail-polishes as the Essie nailpolish brush works very well with my nailshape and I find that I make less mistakes when I use Essie polishes.
I actually think my nailpolish collection is more curated (and DEFINITELY more organised) that’ll my lipstick collection but it is so much harder to swatch nail polishes than it is to swatch lipsticks or foundations which is why I like to find ANY and EVERY excuse not to review nail-polishes unless it is a brand new collection BUT I promise to set some time aside during the Christmas break to devote some time purely to nail polishes.
Word on the street . . . ok the internet – is that the Essie Winter Collection 2017 is all celebrating New Years Eve in glittering style in different finishes . I’m particular happy that they didn’t include any glitter polishes to this collection as I’m not a glitter nailpolish fan becuase they are SO difficult to remove. This collection has 6 shades
  • Essie Ring In The Bling Nailpolish (523)
  • Essie Be Cherry Nailpolish (524)
  • Essie Suit & Tied Nailpolish (525)
  • Essie Social-lights Nailpolish (526)
  • Essie On Your Mistletoes Nailpolish (527)
  • Essie New Year New Hue Nailpolish (528)

and the colour story works very smoothly as I can see how each shade works together to build a collection as well as work individually.


Essie Nailpolish in Ring In The Bling (523)

I love this shade!! I’m actually wearing the Essie Ring In The Bling Nailpolish – £6.99 via Boots – as I write this post (and of course admiring my nails as I type) as the Essie Ring In The Bling polish is just so winter appropriate. It has the exact finish that it not uncommon with crimson, red tinsel although I do think it looks more like a molten, blue-toned, ruby red as it catches the light in a very enticing way.


Essie Nailpolish in Be Cherry (524)

While I think that the Essie Be Cherry Nailpolish  – £6.99 via Boots – is a gorgeous crimson, cherry red from the Essie collection. I’m not exactly blown away by this shade as I think I can dupe this shade in my personal nailpolish collection very easily. I could even go as far as saying that you could even find a shade very similar to Be Cherry within the Essie range. Now this is not to say that this shade is not stunning and worth purchasing  . . . I#m only saying that it is not very special to me.


Essie Nailpolish in Suit & Tied (525)

I can’t decide if I love the Essie Suit & Tied Nailpolish  – £6.99 via Boots – or not, as I’m become so used to wearing bright colours over the last few weeks so wearing a nude nailpolish makes me feel a little muted but that doesn’t stop this shade from being gorgeous. The Essie Suit & Tied is a warm beige nailpolish that was a dream to use and looks very creamy & shiny on my nails.


Essie Nailpolish in Social-lights (526)

According to the comments from my followers on both my Instagram Stories and Snapchat account, unfortunately the Essie Social-lights Nailpolish – £6.99 via Boots – is not a fan favourite. When Essie designed this metallic slate, grey nailpolish, they really tried to ramp up its prettiness by embedding orange, green flecks to give it an amber glow but unfortunately it just looks a little like dirty snow. I do think the Essie Nailpolish in Social-lights is quite pretty in real life but the colour just does not seem to be captured very well on camera




Essie Nailpolish in On Your Mistletoes (527)

I don’t know if I’ve been watching too much American Christmas movies but isn’t mistletoe meant to be green? I feel like the Essie On Your Mistletoes Nailpolish – £6.99 via Boots – might have missed the mark a little bit and joined the wrong family for Christmas dinner! Jokes aside, the Essie On Your Mistletone nail polish is actually quite gorgeous and gives me some serious teal green envy.


Essie Nailpolish in New Year New Hue (528)

If you know me or have ever met me, then you know how much I love Ribena – if you’re from the States, and don’t know what this is . . .google it – so it’s no surprise that the Essie Nailpolish in New Year New Hue has a special place in my heart. Now I’m not the kind of person to update for violet nails but if I was ever going to cross over to the Ribena side of life this winter, then the Essie New Year New Hue Nailpolish – £6.99 via Boots – would be my first choice as it looks so gorgeous and vibrant against my skintone . . .  plus RIBENA!

I think there are definitely come gems in this collection e.g. Suit & Tied and Ring In The Bling though I feel that some of the other shades are not very exciting and VERY dupeable e.g. Be Cherry and On Your Mistletoes. Regardless I do think that this is a very strong and versatile collection from Essie and I would be more than happy to wear any shade. . . . although my followers might have something to say about Social-Lights

All nailpolishes from the Essie Winter 2017 Collections costs £7.99 and are available to purchase from Boots.

Essie Winter Collection 2017
Epiphannie Says
Essie Ring In The Bling Red Nailpolish90
Essie Be Cherry Red Nailpolish55
Essie Suit & Tied Nude Nailpolish85
Essie Social-lights Metallic Nailpolish45
Essie On Your Mistletoes Blue Nailpolish70
Essie New Year New Hue Red Nailpolish80
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