There is an assumption (not un-founded) that in the UK, brands ignore women who need a darker foundation shade, do not even try cater to them or worse, that a shade does exist but the store doesn’t hold it due to “lack of demand”. The #brownbeauty twitter chat, which is a twitter discussion that takes place on Sunday 8pm GMT discussing how ladies with darker skin tones relate with the beauty industry and the NW45 debate started by Natalie from Beauty Pulse London , which argues that not everyone with a darker tone can use MAC’s NW45 or NC30 foundation shades has raised some amazing points on the difficulty in finding the right foundation shade. A FAQ that I get asked almost every few days is “Can you recommend a foundation that I can use?” or “I react to MAC, what do you suggest I should use as an alternative??”  so I decided to be proactive and do something that answered this FAQ. I wrote a book  . . . ok a 190 page list masquerading as a book.


The Foundation List is a free downloadable ebook that listing over 40 different brands that cater to darker skin tones which are easily accessible in the UK.  This eBook is inspired from an evident desire to know what our options are and I have tried to keep this eBook as brief as possible as it is only an introduction into the brands that stock medium to dark foundation shades in the UK rather than a review of each foundation and concealer shade in the brand’s product range but I hope to release an eBook in the near future that will have real-life illustrations, arm and face swatches and have an in-depth breakdown on each foundation.


Click Here for your free download of  The Foundation List



  I would like to thank Yinka from Vex in the City, Hafsa from Muslimah Beauty, Laalaa from Dolce Vanity , Ronke from Ondo Lady , Gina from Natural Belle, Grace from All that Slap , Faye from Fashionbeautyetc, Vik from Vik Beauty and my family for all their contributions as well as the inspiration to write this list that morphed into a mini book. . .and for also letting me spam their inbox due to an email glitch

Do let me know what you think and let me know if I missed out a few brands from this list