MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson II Lipstick & Lipglass

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Personally I’m not a fan of frost lipsticks but when I saw the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson II Collection had gone live on the MAC Website last month, I scrambled to make my purchase because I LOVE Taraji P. Henson and her last few collections with MAC have been Black Girl Magic! As MAC release a lot of collections with products that are either re-releases, re-packaging of existing products with a mark-up or just not dark skin friendly . . . AT ALL . . . I tend to overcompensate when they bring out a melanin-appropriate collection

If I’m to be 100% honest with you, I’m a bit surprised that Taraji H decided to go down the Frosted lips route as it isn’t really a strong trend in the beauty world. I know everyone and their pet-fish is going gaga over lip toppers – which if you ask me if a waste of money – but the lip-toppers I have seen on the market are non-intrusive aka come in shades of pink & unicorn (yes unicorn is now a colour), but the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson II Collection oozes attitude and strength – which I LOVE – and goes against the grain in my opinion.

As this MAC Viva Glam collection is split into two products

  • MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson II Lipstick
  • MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson II Lipglass

I’m going to break each product down individually rather than clump each product together as I don’t feel that you need to purchase both items together – and in hindsight I probably would have only bought the lipglass as it’s more usable for my and my lifestyle – as they work very well separately

MAC Viva Glam x Taraji P Henson II Lipglass

As the temperature gets cooler, I find myself moving away from liquid lipsticks to matte/satin lipstick with a nice, comfortable lipgloss to match. At first glance the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson 2 Lipglass – £15.50 via John Lewis – seems like a warm brown lipgloss with metallic gold shimmer flecks that seems very difficult to wear but when paired over natural or a nude lipstick, my lips look multi-dimensional.

If you have ever tried a MAC Lipglass then you know what to expect from the MAC Viva Glam x Taraji P Henson 2 Lipglass as it is very smooth, tacky not ‘weave glued to your lips’ sticky with a slightly hydrating formula. I think it would be very easy to get your money’s worth from this lipstick as the pigmentation is quite sheer.


MAC Viva Glam x Taraji P Henson II Lipstick

I can’t lie! I am getting strong Nigerian Aunty at a 50th Birthday Party vibes with the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson 2 Lipstick – £16.50 via John Lewis – right now. This MAC Viva Glam lipstick has thrown me a curve ball as I can’t even begin to describe its exact shade. I would definitely say that it was in the brown family but the frosty, shimmer makes this lipstick appear much cooler when swatched on the lips than I originally thought it would.

This lipstick is very easy to wear and the packaging adds quite a lovely wow factor but it’s not an every day shade for me despite its 4-5 hours wear time.

So there you have it – complete with a selfie – I do think this collection is gorgeous but it doesn’t fill me with as much excitement as Taraji P. Henson’s previous MAC Campaigns. In any case 100% of the purchase price of the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson II Collection (minus VAT) goes towards the M·A·C AIDS Fund so it is always a great idea to pick up a Viva Glam product as it benefits someone out there in the world.

The MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson II Lipstick and Lipglass are both available cost £16.50 & £15.50 respectively. They are both available to purchase from MAC Cosmetics UK & John Lewis.

MAC Viva Glam Taraji Henson II Lipstick & Lipglass
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  1. I think both of those look great on you!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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