NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment

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It’s so funny how quickly my taste in makeup changes. 2 months ago, the NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment would have been too daring and too bold for me to wear but now I’m all about rocking a black lipstick that matches my soul – and my entire wardrobe – and getting my entire life from it. I don’t know if I’m feeling adventurous because the weather has finally changed and I can wear my all black everything wardrobe with pride – and without fear of overheating – but dark, matte lips have been DOING it for lately.

If I’m to be quite honest, I think the reason I’ve become so daring with my lipstick is because I’ve started to push myself to wear the more unusual colours I own out of my house. Since starting my #365LipstickDays lipstick challenge on Instagram, I actually have CREDIBLE excuse to leave my house with Morticia Adam-esque lips and a full face of makeup . . .which FYI is a win in my eyes!

The NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment – £18 via ASOS – is a warm-toned black liquid lipstick that uses a liquefied pigment for a light, zero-gravity feel on the lips that has be designed to  deliver infinite matte color saturation with ultra-flexible long-wear.  When I first swatched the NARS Paint It Black liquid lipstick, I have to admit that I was not too sure if I wanted to get it as it has a VERY thin, very watery forumla that is very different from the liquid lipstick I have tried up until this post – and if you’ve checked my Lipstick Swatch Gallery then you know I know a thing or two about lipsticks – In the end it was the pigment that worn me over as my swatch looked like ink against my skin and that was the effect I wanted.

Since trying the NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment; I think that it behaves and looks just like it swatches and it is not watery in the slightest. I get about 5 – 6 hours worth of wear from this lipstick although I would not say it was the most comfortable wear I’ve ever experienced as I think that the scientist at NARS Cosmetics were so busy loading this Powermatte Lip Pigment lipsticks with pigment that they “forgot” to add any hydrating elements to it.

I would advise you to apply about 2-3 even coats of this black liquid lipstick to get its full effect but please be aware that this lipstick does not dry down completely so you might deposit a black lipstick kiss on your mugs, fingertips . . . . or your baby cousin’s cheek

The NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment costs £18.00 and is available to purchase from ASOS and Selfridges

NARS Paint It Black Powermatte Lip Pigment
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