Would it be cliché to do a post on the best autumn lipsticks for dark skin? I’ve never done one before – as I’ve never been able to commit to just 8 dark lipsticks – but I think it’s SO appropriate right now as the temperature just did a nose-dive and I had to dig my winter 2016 coat out of the dungeon of my wardrobe ( I kid you not!).

I don’t know about you but when I hear the word Autumn, I don’t think pumpkins, pumpkin lattes, cinnamon or leaves – I’m not that basic you see – for me, it’s all about Halloween at Disneyland, blankets, leather jackets and red lipsticks because all four things are definitely mutually inclusive – in my world anyway – so when Vix & Laila announced that this week’s The Blog Race challenge would be all about Autumn, I mentally started raiding my lipstick collection to find the best lipsticks to wear this autumn (and made a quick trip to Paperchase to grab a few props – new mug anyone?).


So that this post isn’t the cliche ‘I’m going to chuck lots of berry and red lipsticks into a post’ round up that you normally see, I’m going to focus on berry, reds and brown in various textures and finishes so that you get as much a complete picture. As I wear a LOT of lipsticks and do tend to gravitate towards a certain type, I would always suggest visiting my lipstick swatch gallery – shameless plug – to see a wide array of lipsticks that I’ve worn in the past to find a lipstick that is perfect for you this autumn  . . . so without further ado, let’s jump into this post.


The Reds

One of my favourite red lipsticks from MAC as it sits somewhere between a red and a brown – so perfect for almost every occasion – The MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva  – £16 via John Lewis – is an intense red-burgundy lipstick with a matte finish so it can be very dry on the lips. As long as you wear a balm underneath this lipstick to keep your lips hydrated this MAC lipstick will look stunning on the lips

If you are looking for something even more premium then the Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick or the Burberry Oxblood Lipstick will be righ up your street.  The Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick – £24 via John Lewis –   is a paraben free, plum-red lipstick with a classic Hollywood glamour. Enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient from “the Lipstick Tree”, the Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson lipstick sits softly on the lips with a satin, long-lasting finish that will give your lips a little moisturing boost during the day

However if you prefer comfort over anything them the creamy Burberry Oxblood Lip Cover Lipstick is everyting you need an a bag of chips. This lipstick from Burberry is super creamy and goes onto the lips without any tugging or pulling although it is not the longest lasting lippe to ever be created, it doesn’t smudge or smear all over the lips

The Berries

If you want a berry lips with a natural finish then the Too Faced Berry Naught La Crème Lipstick is the option for you. You lips will feel like you’re wearing an extremely pigmented balm – no I’m serious, it feels like this lipstick melts onto your lips when you apply it . . . like a lipstick butter.

Personally I prefer pigmentation and longevity over comfort during the autumn – as my Tea intake goes through the roof – so I would recommend the Stila Notte Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. Like the name suggests, this dark berry lipstick is decided to stay on your lips ALL DAY so while it might be drying and you might need slick a little bit of product on after an 8 hour work day – this lipstick is perfect for any tea or coffee drinkers

The Pinks

Funny enough both the Jouer Fraise BonBon Long Wear Lip Creme Lipstick and the Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Liquid Lipstick are toted to be cherry red shades by their brands – perfect example of how brands lie lol – but that doesn’t stop both these shades from being completely and utterly gorgeous!

The Jouer Fraise Bonbon lipstick is a dark, raspberry pink liquid lipstick that has been designed to have a weightless, non-drying and phenomenally long-wearing liquid formula  BUT what they don’t tell you is that lipstick is HEAVILY scented – emphasis on heavy – and while it can look amazing on the lips it does fade on the inner parts of your lips the minute you drink something


The Brown

With my obsession with neutral brown lipsticks, you really don’t think I would have done an autumn lipstick post without squeezing in a brown lipstick do you? I mean dead leaves are brown . . . mud is brown . . . so the MAC Film Noir Satin Lipstick is a perfect fit!

The MAC Film Noir lipstick is a true brown lipstick that leans ever so slightly to the warm side of life but not enough to be considered a nude lipstick. It doesn’t tend to hug the dry patches of skin on my lips but I will warn you if you happen to have VERY dehydrated the MAC Film Noir Lipstick will draw attention to it by settling in the fine lines

The Braves

I’m not the biggest fan of the Colourpop lipsticks are I find them quite drying on the lips and they have a habit for flaking off the lips but there’s no denying that the Colourpop Zipper and Guess Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks reminds me of an firework lit autumn night sky embroidered with pops of purple and midnight blue


Also I know I have said in the past that the Urban Decay Perversion Vice Lipstick would never be my lipstick of choice but I can’t lie, this shade has definitely grown on me – my mum still hates in though – I know Autumn can be filled to the brim with berries, browns and reds but let’s not forget the black lipstick can also flourish at this time on the year and nothing looks as bad arse as wearing a black lipstick with a leather jacket #effortlessstyle


The Autumn 2017 Lipstick Shades