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Have you ever fallen in love with a perfume’s packaging before you’ve even had a chance to smell it? Well the YSL Manifesto – £41.99 via Fragrance Direct – honestly ticked all my visual boxes before I even managed to get my hands on it. I know I said in the past that I would limit my perfume collection a little as I now probably own more lipsticks that foundation – which FYI is quite scary – but there’s just something about perfume that captivates me.

I really don’t think you can put a price on smelling good or the way you feel when someone compliments your perfume as its such a confidence boost and sometimes you just need that.

The YSL Manifesto Eau de Perfume Perfume – £41.99 via Fragrance Direct – is a sweet, free-spirited perfume quite similar to a few of my last few perfume reviews – what can I say, I love a sweet scent – but a lot more vanilla based that I originally expected it to be.


When I do a quick spritz of this perfume, my initial thoughts are that the YSL Manifesto smells very light. I can definitely pick out its fresh bergamot and green notes but this freshness is quickly followed by a blackcurrant and vanilla strong punch. I’m actually quite surprised by how heavy the blackcurrant smells as it is not a base note ingredient to this perfume – though cedar, sandalwood and vanilla are – but the way it blends and plays with the vanilla gives this perfume some complexity and saves it from being just another vanilla-based perfume.

Though the YSL Manifesto EDP does start of quite strong, I don’t feel it has a very long wear time. I don’t know if its just my skin’s chemistry but when I wear this perfume I only get about 3-4 hours wear (at best) which is quite disappointing as I do like the smell. I think I’m going to have to spray it on a few ladies in my office to correctly judge the YSL Manifesto’s real well time but for now, it leaves much to be desired.

Personally I feel this perfume is quite warm so would be a great winter fragrance as it reminds me of blankets and cashmere. I personally wouldn’t wear it in the summer as I feel that the smell of vanilla might be a little stifling but that’s just my opinion.The YSL Manifesto Perfume costs £41.99 and is available to purchase online at Fragrance Direct


YSL Manifesto EDP Perfume
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