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Is the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Colour the MUFE version of a liquid lipstick as I’m wearing the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in 13 Purple and I just can’t get this lipstick off?! This is probably why I should do my research about a product before trying it out as my lips are a little anti-liquid lipstick after the huge swatch session I did last weekend but I found this Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge lipstick hiding in my collection – as you do – and the colour just looked so inviting so I wore it without thinking AND locked in the colour with the transparent gloss it came with.

“. . . .BAD IDEA”

I honestly could NOT get this lipstick off, which FYI was AMAZING during the day because it meant I could drink 5 cups of tea without a lippie check up but was HORRIFYING as I couldn’t remove this with my normal cleansers. I ended up having to use the weirdest combination of oil, cream, water and brute force to remove this lipstick.

THE Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Purple (13) – £19.00 via Debenhams – is a dual-ended berry liquid lipstick with a top coat on one end and the lipstick on the other. You are meant to apply the Aqua Rouge lipstick directly onto your lips with the applicator and then seal the colour in with the top coat but I would honestly advise you NOT to do this step if you can help it as the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge lipstick by itself defies boundaries of makeup science and lipstick cleansers by fusing itself to your lips.

I probably would not wear the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in 13 unless I had a heavy duty day of meetings/press days or was in a situation where I can’t touch up my makeup as often as I would like as this liquid lipstick is just too difficult to remove, HOWEVER I am in love with this shade and would put it down as one of my top 5 wine lipsticks.

The Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Colour in 13 costs £19.00 and is available to purchase from Debenhams.

Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in Purple (13)
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