For a ‘certified’ beauty blogger, I tend to shy away from skincare reviews and always try to get out of them if I can. My skin has reacted so many times to various skincare products that I just don’t bother reviewing products unless they come from brands I have tried and tested in the past.

I’m even more cautious when it comes to ‘natural/organic skincare’ brands as these tend to make my fructuous allergy flare up BUT Antipodes are one of the 3 organic brands that I tend to use as they are dermatologically approved and are VERY transparent about the ingredients included in their range.

A few weeks ago, I was given a bottle of the infamous Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum– £34 via Selfridges – which is New Zealand’s version of a daily, organic, skin booster Ribena fruit shot. The Worship Serum is a water-based serum formulated with a superfruit complex that includes boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit and revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape® from grape seeds that have been are extracted with a technique that uses only pure water for high natural bioactivity and no chemical residue.

I would like to point at this point that despite the few good days I had with the Worship serum, I did have a bit of a flare up along the side of my left cheek so I’ve stopped using this product now. I am quite surprised that I had a mild allergic reaction to this serum considering it doesn’t contain any of the fruits I know I’m allergic to . . . I really hope I’m not allergic to blackcurrants now as Ribena is actually my weakness.

Despite my body’s resistance to this serum, I did quite like during the period I was using it and would still recommend it to anyone looking for a Certified Organic inclusion to their makeup routine

The Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum costs £34 for a 30ml bottle and is available to purchase from Selfridges, Feel Unique and the Antipodes website.