I’ve been keeping a very close eye on B. Beauty as they are one of the only highstreet beauty brands that lived on up to my expectations. B. Beauty are one of the only brands that I’ve come across who promised to expand their makeup range AND ACTUALLY DID IT!

I was so excited when I got my hands of their foundation last year, when I was asked if I wanted to review their Pro Face Kit in Dark, I actually didn’t need to be asked twice.

b_creative_art_edition_vol_8_pro_face_kit_in_dark_epiphanniea_pro_cream_concealer_sheer_finish_pressed_powder_highlighter_pro_cream_foundation_review b_creative_art_edition_vol_8_pro_face_kit_in_dark_epiphanniea_review

Now you don’t need to be a colour coding genuis to notice at first glance that the B. Creative Art Edition Vol. 8 Pro Face Kit in Dark – £14.99 via Superdrug – isn’t dark enough for my skin tone. I did hope that it would be dark enough to pair the foundation with my B. Even Oil Control Foundation in Mocha but the cream foundation and powder combo can still be used as a concealer and setting powder (perhaps) on my skin tone so all is not lost.


The  B. Creative Art Edition Vol. 8 Pro Face Kit in Dark costs £14.99 and is available from your nearest Superdrug. I don’t know if B. will bring out a darker Face Kit in the near future that can be used with their darker foundation shades but I’m crossing my fingers