I have to admit, when I first found out that Bare minerals were launching a bb cream eyeshadow range, I did roll my eyes and think “Not Another BB Range” because let’s be honest the phrase ‘BB’ is so played out in the blogosphere that it’s actually lost it’s original meaning. All I think when I hear BB is ‘ Hmmmm I wonder what double letters are the ‘it’ thing now’ . . . semi-harsh but very true but I do have to admit that I did put my foot in my mouth because these cream eyeshadows are truly amazing.


The new Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Range (RRP £17.00) are what cream bases are all about. I know these look like 50 shades of beige right now – which is normally not a great thing – but Bare Minerals have managed to bring out a range of 8 nude cream eyeshadows that closely mimic skintones. Unfortunately I don’t have Bare Minerals’ Divine Wine Cream Eyeshadow; which seems to be the darkest shade in the range, but I am delirious happy with the shades that Bare Minerals have been kind enough to send me especially as I want to start a makeup challenge next week and I really need eyeshadow bases.


Although Divine Wine is on my wish list, can we stop and just admire Bare Minerals Sweet Spice Cream Eyeshadow! Sweet Spice is the 2nd darkest shade in the BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Range and shows up as a dull brown on my skin. This would actually be an amazing base for a matte natural look but I think I could also get away with wearing it just by itself especially as it has a 10 hour wear time.


Let’s warm things up a little and have a look at Barely Nude which is a pinky-beige eyeshadow. As this is quite a light shade, I didn’t really expect it to look this good on me but I guess this is where Bare Minerals’ pigments come into play. Though Bare Minerals Barely Nude Cream Eyeshadow is a cream, it is still formulated with Bare Mineral’s infamous minerals formulation complex which allows this cream eyeshadow to blend effortlessly and seamlessly leaving a rich colour.


I don’t really think there’s much of a difference between Bare Minerals Blushing Pink Cream Eyeshadow and Barely Nude – well not on my skin tone anyway – but I’m sure there difference would be more prominent on lighter skin tones. I think – for me anyway – these two shades are interchangeable if you are using them for a primer BUT do remember that Blushing Pink does have a SPF 15 so be careful with your camera flash


I think Bare Minerals Elegant Taupe Cream Eyeshadow is actually  my favourite shade in this range and the one you will catch me wearing if you happen to bump into me in the next few days mostly because I want to test out Bare Minerals’ claim that their 5-in-1 cream eyeshadows will brighten as well as reduce the appearance of  dark spots and discolouration over time. I’m not sure if this is true or not as I don’t particularly have any discolouration on my lids but I’m more than happy to try and get brighter eyes.


Last but no means least – as I’m only swatching 5 eyeshadows out of 10 – we have Bare Minerals Soft Linen Cream Eyeshadow. Soft Linen is actually more of a yellow-gold shade than a beige and I really feel my swatch didn’t do this shade much justice as my camera didn’t pick up on the tiny golden shimmers in this shadow which is really a shame as this was quite pretty. Soft Linen is actually another shade that I would probably use quite often as a base as it is light enough to make certain shades; like greens and browns, pop out on my skin tone.

I actually don’t really think this is much of a review, it’s really just 700 words on the internet goshing about how good these are, so I just have to implore you to go to onto the Feel Unique,  Selfridges, Lookfantastic or Bare Minerals website or even your nearest BM Counter to try these out.



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