What’s better than getting one nailpolish in the post?? Getting the new Barry M A/W 2014 Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints in the post – duh!!! I love the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine formula so much as I feel that you’re getting more bang for your buck (or pounds)!! I honestly think that the formula in this budget priced polishes surpass a lot of luxury nailpolishes on the market.Yes I am laying it on a bit thick but give me a break I have a very good reason. I said a little while ago that I didn’t want to review anymore nailpolishes because I’ve run out of room on my nailpolish stand but it only took one look at the six new autumn-winter shades and I knew I was a goner so it’s not my prerogative to convince you (my lovely reader) that I couldn’t have survive without these shades in my collection


Barry M Cocoa Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

I think that brown nailpolish is probably an ‘acquired’ taste for some people. I find that Barry M Cocoa Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint looks very flattering on my nails – but that has more to do with my dark skintone than anything else – as it has a bit of a reddish undertone that coaxes this shades into the chocolate-burgundy way of life

barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_cocoa_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_brown_nude_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_cocoa_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_brown_nude_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch

Barry M Paprika Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

I did originally think it was a bit strange for Barry M to include an orange-paprika shade to the A/W14 but then I remembered that Halloween falls during A/W14 – don’t kill me for forgetting that lool I’ve never celebrated it – but I do like how shade isn’t a super strong in-your-face shade of orange but rather a dark dusty shade . . . and it looks gorgeous on me so yaaay!

barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_paprika_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_burnt_orange_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_paprika_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_burnt_orange_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch

Barry M Cardamom Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

I actually had to result to Google to find out what Cardamom was – what a random name for a nailpolish, don’t you think? – You guys have already seen my nailpolish swatch collection so you know that I adore green shades but would you believe that I actually own NOTHING similar to  Barry M Cardamom Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint in my entire collection?? I was surprised too!! I’m guessing the shade must be quite uncommon so I know I have to pair it with one of my LFW outfits.

barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_cardamom_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_green_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_cardamom_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_green_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch

Barry M Chilli Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

Well Barry M Chilli Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint does certainly look like Chilli; I’ll give it that. I’m not really big on red nails so I’m not really going ga-gag over this shade but it’s a very rich dark red that would look amazing when paired with leather fingerless gloves

barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_chilli_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_red_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_chilli_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_red_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch

Barry M Mustard Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

I actually didn’t like the way Barry M Mustard Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint very much as the way it was ju8st a nightmare to apply. No matter what I did, it just seemed very streaky and looks a lot messier than I would have liked – not that I’m great at painting my nails – which is quite sad as this was actually my favourite colour in this A/W14 Nailpaint.

barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_mustard_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_mustard_yellow_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch barry_m_autumn_winter_14_gelly_hi_shine_mustard_nail_paint_epiphanniea_review_mustard_yellow_nailpolish_black_girl_dark_skin_nail_swatch

Barry M Chai Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint

Another grey nailpolish to add to my collection *evil maniac laugh* I actually love grey nailpolish so you know that Barry M Chai Gelly Hi-Shine Nailpaint will be getting A LOT of use this season. I feel that that Chai has a strong blue tint which some will love and some might hate but I’m going to wear this shade all week because it’s perfect for me

In terms of wear, you get about a week worth of chip-proof wear with this range and it’s relatively fast drying so as long as you stay in one place for 15mins you should be a-ok.

The Barry M is available from Superdrug, Boots or your nearest Barry M counter