Just when I finally get a handle on my nailpolish addiction, Barry M just had to launch their Autumn/Winter collection!!! Even though A/W14 is always stuffed full of glitter nailpolishes  – yes, Barry M do have a glitter range coming out this season but that’s tomorrow’s review – I’m not the biggest fan of glitter nailpolishes as they are just a menace to remove so you can’t imagine how happy I was to open my very big Barry M package and find these gorgeous silky nailpaints gleaming in the midst of the glitter polishes. I’ve never used anything from the Barry M Silk Range as I’m not the biggest fan of the pastel nailpolishes as I’m not really into candy-coated nails but the new Barry M A/W14 Silk Nailpaints are anything sweet. These nail polishes are jewel coloured, bottles of gorgeousness that dry leaving a matte finish with a soft sheen


Barry M Orchid Silk Nailpaint

Doesn’t Barry M Silk Nailpaint in Poppy (RRP £3.99) look so Royal?? This polish makes my nails look like vampire royalty *snaps fingers* I do think that this dulls out a bit when it dries as it doesn’t have as much shimmer as Poppy or Forest but this is still a very vivid shade and I could see myself wearing this when I’ve looking to vamp up my ensemble.


Barry M Poppy Silk Nailpaint

When I think of a ‘poppy red’ nailpolish, my mind conjures up a dark-cherry red  very similar to the poppy pins given out around Remembrance Day but Barry M Silk Nailpaint in Poppy(RRP £3.99) looks NOTHING like this. Barry M Poppy looks like an indulgent glass of wine on a Friday evening and I would love to wear this shade with a gorgeous baroque print dress.


Barry M Forest Silk Nailpaint

It’s no secret that I am in love with jewelled, blue-green tones so I did squeak with excitement when I saw Barry M Silk Nailpaint in Forest  (RRP £3.99). Forest gleams on my nails . . .  it doesn’t really look matte at all but I think that’s just because of the amount of shimmer squeezed into this pigmented polish.


I find that the formula of this entire range is very thin so you would need to build the colour up. I’ve used three thin coats in all of my pictures and love the results but I probably wouldn’t opt for this shade if I was in a rush as I don’t want to rush and apply thick coats as the silky-matte effects gets ‘lost in translation’

I’m actually going to have to get a new nailpolish rack as my current one is already bursting at its seams but I’m not really that bothered as I love to see my collection in its rainbow glory. You can buy Barry M Silk A/W14 Nailpaints on the Barry M Website or at your local Superdrug, ASOS, Boots or BANK Fashion