Barry M have obviously been spending some SERIOUS time in a science lab because I have just been given their brand new Sunset Daylight Curing collection . . . but the real question is ‘What the heck is Daylight Curing?’

From what I can gather – Thank You Google – Barry M have twisted the gel nails market on its head by introducing a range of nail polish that do not need any UV lights or special equipment to activate their gel-like properties. You simply plop the daylight curing topcoat on, expose your nails to direct sunlight – or your closest lightbulb – and the nail polish will “cure” aka get sealed in.

I am still testing out the wear time of these polishes – two days and no chips – but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you


Barry M Out Of My Red Sunset Nailpolish

Barry M Sunset Out Of My Red Nailpolish – £4.99 via Boots – is a classic ruby red polish with plenty of shine. I think Out Of My Red is a classic shade can be worn through out year so you can look forward to fiery red talons that don’t chip once you have done the dishes.


Barry M Drive Me Navy Sunset Nailpolish

I must not add a Britney Spears Gif, I must not add a Britney Spears Gif!!! Barry M Sunset Drive Me Navy Nailpolish – £4.99 via Superdrug – is a gorgeous navy blue nail polish that morphed into a royal blue in the right light.


Barry M Do It Like A Nude Sunset Nailpolish 

Barry M Sunset Do It Like A Nude Nailpolish – £4.99 via Boots – is the ‘dud” shade of this range in my opinion. I found it very streaky and almost impossible to use and actually had to redo two of my nails three times and put about 3 layers just so I could get a decent swatch picture so I am definitely not a fan of this shade.


Barry M Peach For The Stars Sunset Nailpolish

I wouldn’t normally opt for a peach nail polish as it would never occur to me to opt for peach nails but the Barry M Sunset Peach For The Stars Nailpolish – £4.99 via Superdrug – is definitely a stunner. As I said before the formula of this nail polish is quite thick but I feel that this thickness (and the fact that the formulae is so opaque) made Peach For The Stars a dream to apply.


Barry M You Make Me Teal Sunset Nailpolish

I always think that Beachy, teal blue nail polishes are one of those very odd shades that you either love or loathe. Personally I’m on the fence about Barry M Sunset You Make Me Teal Nailpolish – £4.99 via Boots – but my sister LOVES this shade and can’t wait for me to put it down so she can sneak off with it.


Barry M I’ve Been Pinkin’ Sunset Nailpolish

I’ve Been Pinking . . . Watermelon

I’m noticing a definite theme with the names now, have Barry M decided to be very cheeky and name their polishes after my favourite songs? I definitely think so and I have Barry M Sunset I’ve Been Pinkin’ Nailpolish – £4.99 via Superdrug – as evidence. I think every range NEEDS a hot pink polish to make their thing pop and this bright pink polish does just that.


Barry M Sunset Nailpolish in Fuchsia Generation

I think that the Barry M Sunset Fuschia Generation Nailpolish – £4.99 via Boots – looks more like marsala aka Pantone’s colour of the year, rather than a fuchsia pink but that is really my opinion that anything else. Fuchsia Generation is definitely the stand out shade of the collection and probably what I will be wearing on my fingers this weekend.


Barry M Sunset Top Coat

As far as I know the Barry M Daylight Curing Topcoat – £4.99 via Superdrug – cannot be used with other polishes but hopefully Barry M will expand this range with more colours as the months go on.


I think this is quite a good introductory range to curing – as I didn’t know anything about it – and if this is going to be a huge 2015/2016 trend then I’m happy to know that I can join in without breaking the bank.

Each Barry M Sunset Nailpolish costs £4.99 and is available to purchase from Superdrug and Boots.

Are you ready for a budget chip-free alternative to gel nails? Let me know in the comments below


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