Sometimes I really can’t find the time (or energy) to muster 300 words on a beauty product – not because the beauty product doesn’t deserve it but I just have to be realistic with my time constraints and how much energy I put into my website. As a result I’ve decided to make more of an effort to balance my work-life-blog balance which means that something has got to give if I still want to keep my website updated.

As I just don’t have the time I had 6 years ago I’ve decided to give you a quick monthly rundown on some of the products I’m trying at the moment as well as products that I will be trying in the future.

So without further ado, here are my initial thoughts on some of the products I’ve been trying for the last few weeks


Epara Skincare Cleansing Lotion | Harvey Nichols, £40

I was lucky enough to have been given the Epara Skincare Cleansing Lotion to review as I don’t normally purchase my skincare products from Harvey Nichols . . . for obvious reasons **cough cough** but since trying this cleansing lotion, I’m actually LOVING how vibrant my skin looks since integrating Epara Skincare to my routine and I don’t think the £40 is steep as I’ve spent more money on that on a foundation. I’m always happy to pay more when a product ACTUALLY delivers so expect to see more mentions of this cleansing lotion in the future.

Glossier Priming Moisturiser | Glossier UK £18

For someone who doesn’t really “do” skincare, I’m definitely skincare happy this month and I think the Glossier Priming Moisturiser definitely has something to do with it. There’s absolutely NOTHING like find a moisturising product that compliments your foundation and provides a noticeable difference right away. The Glossier Priming Moisturiser is a watery facial cream that is formulated with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid, mushroom plant extracts with a Anti-Redness Complex and Oxygenating Agent that helps to reinforce your skin’s natural barriers while locking in moisture over time as well as plumping it up to give a hydratred cushiony effect.

Personally I think the price is a little on the step side – my coins are limited you see – but it does perform so you pay for the results you want

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow| Harvey Nichols, £16

I can’t remember the last time everyone went crazy for a single lipgloss which is just a testament to the Rihanna brand and how READY everyone was for the Fenty Beauty makeup brand as I don’t really think the Fenty Gloss is all that an a bag of chips. Now don’t think this the wrong way and think I’m slagging off the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer because I’m not . . . I’m just saying that there are cheaper alternatives on the market at the moment in the same shade that have a similar finish.

I do quite like how shiny the Fenty Gloss is when worn on the lips and the size of the wand is a dream for on the go application but I don’t think there’s anything that special here.

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