Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color

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Another day, another lipstick-balm hybrid – and yes I am aware I have an obsession – and what could be better than a Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color Lipstick? . . . you’re taking too long to answer that question, the correct answer is NOTHING!
I have a special place in my heart for Bobbi Brown lipsticks – although I have to admit that I don’t own that many – as I remember always finding them in my aunts’ makeup purses while I was growing up. I remember watching my aunt putting on her makeup as a child and asking her very cheekily if I could wear her lipstick too – and then feeling VERY grown up and classy while wearing my lip paint . . . so in a way Bobbi Brown is to blame for my current lipstick obsession.

A few weeks ago, Bobbi Brown expanded their lipstick range to include the Crushed Color Lipsticks, and I have been SUPER lucky to have been given two shades; Telluride and Bare, so I can share my thoughts and opinion with you

The Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color – £24.00 via Bobbi Brown – is a described as a red, mauve lipstick with a the look of a lipstick but the feel of a balm for an extremely comfortable, winter-appropriate, nude lipstick. Even though that the Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Color is formulated to behave like a balm – we are talking a super rich Vitamins E, Vitmamin C and beeswax formulation – but this lipstick leaves a satin, matte finish on the lips for a muted, “I’ve been wearing this lipstick all day” look – which I’m not convinced I love or loathe  . . . what can I say, I’m a sucker for nude lips!

The Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color Lipstick is toted to last for up to 8 hours but I felt it only lasts this long because it stains the lips therefore becoming extremely difficult to remove. As Telluride looks more like a nude lipstick on me, I do think I’m going to add it to my ‘date night’ lipstick pile since it’s very long-wearing, kiss-proof and I really like how moisturised & healthy my lips look while wearing this shade.

The Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color costs £24.00 and is available to purchase from Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Telluride Crushed Lip Color Lipstick
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