I love May as a lot of new beauty products are released just in for summer  – but mostly because my birthday is in May!! – I’m not sure if it is right to tempt you with new products that are not available to purchase for 2 more months but I’m so excited about the new product ranges showcased at the Bourjois Cosmetics event, I just can’t imagine sitting on my hands  . . . keyboard . . . for weeks before sharing my thoughts.


This May marks the launch of the Bourjois La Laque Nail Enamel range – £6.49 via Superdrug – At the moment this collection consists of 12 different high shine, glossy shades in a range of summery hues but I have a sneaky suspicion that this range will be expanded later on in the year (though don’t quote me). The one thing that really stands out about this new Bourjois nailpolish range is its shape.

I’m not sure the best way to describe it without coming across a bit ‘childish’ but I have to be honest and say that the bottles of the La Lacqu polishes look a bit like those colourful, wooden triangles I used to play with at the dentist/doctors as a child. You can even put the La Laque polishes together and they become a neat, little geometric square!!

Bourjois La Laque Nail Polish in Are You Reddy 05 

Bourjois Are You Reddy La Laque Nail Polish is a GREAT crimson red nailpolish for anyone who can never seem to paint their nails without making a mess. Bourjois Are You Reddy’s brush is rounded, making it super easy to use whatever your nail shape AND this shade comes quip a no-drip stem that helps to controls the amount of enamel on the nail.


Bourjois La Laque Nail Polish in Fuschiao Bella 06 

If you are a fan of bright, tropical pink nails then Bourjois Fuschiao Bella La Laque Nail Polish is definitely the La Laque shade for you. I love bright pink nails – the majority of my nail polish collection is pink – and I am always after nailpolish formulas that dry very quickly and leave a glossy effect. I have a feeling that I will use this shade ALOT in the next few weeks (hope I don’t finish it before it drops into stores)


Bourjois La Laque Nail Polish in Beach Violet 10 

I’m not exactly sure how ‘beachy’ Bourjois Beach Violet La Laque Nail Enamel ‘is’ as it is quite a rich, autumn shade that wouldn’t look amiss paired with leathers and furs. I think I might wear this shade just after summer in the lead up to autumn as I feel this would be the time is when this gorgeous violet shade would really captivate my imagination – mostly because it looks like a bottle of Ribena!


Bourjois La Laque Nail Polish in Only Bluuuue 11

Is it weird that I’m having so much fun saying this nailpolishes’ name? Say it with me ‘Only Blluuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeee!!!!!’. *cough cough* Ok let me be serious for what is left of this review. Bourjois Only Bluuuue La Laque Nail Polish is a gorgeous, rich cobalt blue that would look amazing paired with denim, which FYI is a good thing as the double denim trend is still alive and kicking.


I haven’t swatched the entire Bourjois La Laque Nail Enamel range yet (as I don’t have all the shades) but I will say that the 4 shades I’ve swatched in this post are very intense and glossy. My swatches lasted about 3/4 days on my natural nails without chipping, which isn’t very long but is quite good for a high-street product.

The Bourjois La Laque range costs £6.49 a pop and will be available from Boots and Superdrug.