I am very proud to announce that I have finally become a member of Team Burberry *squeals* I haven’t bought myself a treat in such a long time so when Adrienne & I passed the Burberry Makeup Store in Convent Garden – after a VERY satisfying dinner at Shake Shack – I decided to pop in for a cheeky look at their lipstick range and of course walked out with a little bag hanging on my wrist. I have to say I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such amazing customer service, when you visit so many department store counters with very pushy makeup artists, it just feels so nice to be treated like a value customer in a very relaxed atmosphere *le sigh* I actually want to go back there now just so I can be pampered again but I think I’m boring you now so as much as I could go on and on about how amazing the Burberry store is, I think it would be more appropriate to go on and on about how gorgeous my new Burberry Lipstick is. burberry_lip_cover_sepia_12_lipstick_epiphanniea_review burberry_lip_cover_sepia_12_lipstick_epiphanniea_gift_box

Burberry Lip Cover in Sepia No. 12 (£22.00) is an amazingly pigmented, pinky-brown lipstick that gives my lips a sweet, feminine appearance that is just so gorgeous! I’m a sucker for elegant neutral shades (and luxury lipsticks in general) and while I know that I have many shades VERY similar to this colour I am very happy that I opted for this shade. burberry_lip_cover_sepia_12_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_close_up

I haven’t come across that many reviews of Burberry’s lipstick range online but I think this is an amazing luxury nude lipstick for darker skintones so if you are interested in trying out something from Burberry’s Luxury Lipstick Range but not sure where to start, I definitely recommend Sepia.