I absolutely adore Daniel Sandler and his watercolour fluid blush range. I’ve been a fan of these liquid blushes since the first time I tried them almost 2 years ago and my feelings towards them haven’t changed one bit! A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of two neon additions to his award winning range and I am so glad that I can  share it with you as it’s going to be all that I wear this summer (it is THAT good)


Daniel Sandler Acid & Trip Watercolour Fluid Blush Duo (RRP £25) are summer personified. Acid is a hot, matte, pink while Trip is a bold, warm orange colour and both of these shades are very dark skin friendly. I think Acid & Trip are a lot different from the watercolour blushes that I’ve tried out in the past as they have a matte finish and the blushes I’ve tried or swatched (i.e. Dare, Spicey, Icing) all have a shimmer finish but honestly I welcome this change with open arms.

“Treating cheeks to a gentle touch of Neon adds a new zing to your complexion”  – Daniel Sandler

These blushes are perfect whether you want  an understated barely there finish OR a bold, colour statement, it all depends on how many drops of the watercolour fluid blush you use. One drop gives you a natural glow whereas two drops creates a stronger colour. The levels of pigmentation are ‘through the roof neon crazy’ so be careful  to avoid a neon mess.

Just to be different, I’ve swatched Acid on my right cheek and Trip of my left cheek just so you can see/compare how each blush looks when applied lightly.


As far as I know the Daniel Sandler Acid & Trip Watercolour Fluid Blush Duo is only available on the Daniel Sandler Website but do remember this blush duo is limited. If you are interested in trying out some of Daniel’s other blushes, I am including a selection of my favourite Watercolour Fluid Blush colours below.

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