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I‘m not really familiar with Elizabeth Arden range as they don’t really cater to dark skintones but the Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Bold Liquid Lipstick caught my eye as I randomly roamed the Debenhams beauty hall.

Have you ever been in the mood to just buy something . . . anything . . but something that wasn’t the norm? As much as I love my fav brands, sometimes I like to shop outside my comfort zone and see what the dark skin “inappropriate” brands are up to – yes I’m throwing shade – I definitely chose this lipstick because it looked different from the standard liquid lipsticks that I’m accustomed to seeing . . and it wasn’t matte!

In hindsight, I really wish I chose a different colour as my last 3 purchases have been red lipsticks and I think I need to add a few new shades into my lipstick collection.

The Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick – £18.00 via John Lewis –  is highly saturated with colour for bold impact and long wear. This creamy, high impact lip color combines the coverage and intensity of a lipstick with the finish of a gloss. Using the unique flocked tip applicator, push the lever of the click pen up to release just the right amount of product. Lips are saturated with intense colour while rich emollients leave them feeling luxuriously moisturized and comfortable with long-lasting colour that doesn`t feather or bleed.

What really grinds my gears about this lipstick – and it is not this lipstick’s formula, packaging or longevity – it is that this liquid lipstick is called ‘Fiery Red’, it is not red.

I know weird right????!

Why call a liquid lipstick ‘Fiery Red’ if it’s not fiery or even red?! That’s just super weird. The Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Bold Liquid Lipstick is more of a dark raspberry pin; definitely gorgeous but not what I was expecting.

The packaging for the Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Liquid Lipstick makes this lipstick stand out. I lobe the fact that this lipstick comes in a sleek, click pen style that’s very easy to use and dispenses a moderate amount of product with each click. I do have to let you know that it’s not particularly easy to get a defined, neat lip with the Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red lipstick as the sponge applicator doesn’t come in a triangle shape and doesn’t mold to the contours of the lip as well as I thought it would.

If you’re looking for a liquid lipstick with a satin finish then I would definitely recommend this lipstick but if you happen to want a matte, ruby red, liquid lipstick then this lipstick is not the one for you.

The Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Bold Liquid Lipstick costs £18 and can be purchased from John Lewis & Boots

Elizabeth Arden Fiery Red Bold Liquid Lipstick
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