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Suns Out, Neon Nails Out!! One of the best thing about summer are the nailpolish collections and the new Essie Neon Collection does NOT disappoint. I definitely think it’s quite daring for a nailpolish brand to go down the Neon nails route rather than ‘bright nails’ route because there’s so much that can go wrong especially for Essie who bring out a neon collection every year.

As I prefer to wear neutral browns and greys on my nails – or just go nail polish free – I am definitely not the target audience for the Essie Neon Collection but as summer is round the corner and the sun is starting to peek out of the clouds more and more, I thought that this would be a cute collection to shine some light on . .  . and add a few more nail polish colours to my makeup swatch gallery at the same time (everyone wins!!!)

The Essie Neon Collection – £7.99 via Superdrug – is a festival-ready range with brand new shades that bring ‘bright’ to a whole new level.  The must-have shades offer a more unique range of colour than ever before with bolder and brighter pigments. Along with a white base, there are 4 shades in this collection

  • Mark on Miami – Vibrant Orange
  • Gallery Gal – Vivacious Coral Pink
  • Off The Wall – Bombshell Shocking Pink
  • The Fuchsia of Art – Rich Vivid Magenta

Each of these nail polishes have a translucent, almost jelly-like formula so it is ESSENTIAL that you use it on top of the Essie Prime & Pop White Base Coat. I find that one even & thick layer of this white coat works very well but if  you like to err on the side of caution, then I would advise applying two thin coats.

Essie Mark On Miami Nailpolish

Personally I’m a big fan of Orange makeup as orange always looks so good on dark skintones but I’ve never been a big fan of orange nails as it always makes me feel like I’ve been making a curry and the curry spices stained the tips of my nails. If you happen to be a fan of vibrant orange nails then the Essie Mark On Miami Nailpolish will tick so many of your boxes. This nailpolish is quite opaque so I didn’t really need to put two coats to swatch it but I’m a slave to my nailpolish swatching process.

Essie Off The Wall Nailpolish

I LOVE the Essie Off The Wall Nailpolish. I get so weak in the knees when I see a hot pink nailpolish and Off The Wall definitely doesn’t disappoint. I probably would have liked this nailpolish more if it wasn’t matte as I’m not the biggest fan of matte nailpolish (and less of a fan of bright matte nailpolishes) but I think that this nailpolish is quite pretty especially when layered over the ‘Prime & Pop’ white basecoat.

Essie The Fuschia of Art

I’m not sure it is because the Essie The Fuschia of Art is the darkest shade in this collection or not, but I did notice that this nail polish dried quite quickly so I had to make sure I could get it as even as possible one layer if not I would be stuck with an uneven layer and be forced to apply another layer to cover it up. In any case, the Essie The Fuschia of Art nailpolih is absolutely stunning and the most everyday friendly shade of the bunch

Essie Gallery Gal

I didn’t love the Essie Gallery Gal Nailpolish as I felt that the formulation was a bit thinner and more jelly like than the other shades in the Essie Neon Collection. It’s still a very bright and bold shade which is great but I did have to redo my nail swatch there times – base coat and all -just to take this ONE picture, so I think that gives you a good indication on how tricky this nailpolish can be

Each nail polish in the Essie Neon Collection costs £7.99. This collection launches TODAY and will be sold exclusively at Superdrug.

Essie Neon Collection
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