When it comes to trying out new skincare products I’m normally very apprehensive as a lot of skincare products trigger my allergies but I’m never scared to try out any new products from Estèe Lauder ‘s skincare range as I’ve never ever reacted to it, so when I was given a new product to add to my nighttime skincare routine I ended up using it the exact same day I received it.

Estèe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II (RRP £48 for 30ml) is a night time serum that has been proven effective for all ethnicities and addresses the key signs of ageing with exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology to help skin’s natural nightly renewal. Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced, skin feels smoother, hydrated, younger, radiant, more translucent and even toned. Though Advanced Night Repair seems to be targeted at someone a bit older than me – as it addresses a lot of problems that I don’t currently suffer from (e.g. wrinkles) –  its innovative, night-time technology is designed to leave skin feeling smoother, hydrated, radiant and even toned. I can vouch that despite the fact that it does not feel very rich on my face, I do wake up with very hydrated and happy skin in the mornings. I’ve been using a touch of the Advanced Night Repair every night for the last month as part of my nighttime skin routine and I haven’t reacted once and I haven’t had a spot!!!!


I think my favourite part of the Advanced Night Repair’s packaging is it’s

 drop dispenser, regardless of how much serum you try and squeeze into the pipette, it only dispenses the right amount of serum per use which is very product efficient.

I personally think this is a great nighttime serum for anyone in the market for a full proof formula. I’m really hoping that Estèe Lauder formulates a serum identical to this but developed for a younger skin target market as I really don’t think I need to focus on my wrinkles yet . . . or do I?