I have to admit when it comes to cosmetics, I’m least daring when it comes to trying out blushes. I always stick to my my favourite oranges, plums and browns because I know they work amazingly well on my skin tone and I won’t end up leaving my house looking like some kind of clown but as they say ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’, so let me tell you about the blush I’ve been lusting over lately.


Estée Lauder Poppy Passion Satin Blush (RRP £25) is a dark, rose pink blush with a soft, satin finish. The EL Pure Color Blush range is an “ultra-silky powder” blush range that is supposed to provide “fresh, radiant colour that lasts all day, won’t streak or fade”. Poppy passion is so silky and soft and  has an amazing pigmentation power. You get a lot of colour in one stroke but it’s not overwhelming and it can be easy blend out or built up to get your desired look PLUS this blush is absolutely HUGE!!!

You get 7g worth of product encased in gold and plastic, and it just screams out luxury when you pull it out and hold it in your hand. Poppy Passion is a bit heavy than most blushes I have but when you consider that almost double the standard amount of product provided by the majority of luxury cosmetic brands and it looks more like a compact than a blush, then you actually feel that the £25 RRP price tag is worth it


My only negative point has to be about the brush that comes with the blush. I’m not particularly fond of it – but I’ve never been one to like the applicators that come with luxury blushes or compacts – and will be promptly removing this from my blush compact as I will never use it . . . I actually kinda wish they had just not even bothered adding the blush brush applicator and just given us more product instead . . . a blogger can dream.

estee_lauder_pure_colour_satin_clush_poppy_passion_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_pink_blush estee_lauder_pure_colour_satin_clush_poppy_passion_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_pink_blush_close_up

Honestly, Poppy Passion is GORGEOUS. It’s gorgeous to look at, it’s gorgeously pigmented and it shows up gorgeously on my skin. I really can’t ask for more, can I? Let me know if you’ve tried out any other shades from the EL Pure Colour Blush range. I would really love to buy another and would love to hear your recommendation