Toted as ‘the new way to blush” Estee Lauder’s New Pure Colour Cheek Rush in Pink Patent is a buildable water-light gel blush, designed to brighten your face with a lightweight and innovative gel that gives cheeks a pop of sheer color for a fresh-faced, natural finish.

Pink Patent (RRP. £24) can only be described a sheer Barbie pink – which is super freaky when you consider that my iPod suddenly switched to Aqua – Barbie Girl while I was taking these photograph (I didn’t even know I owned that song, I swear!!!). While it initially pumps out a strong neon pink and blends into the skin like a silky dream, I feel that Pink Patent is just too sheer and light a colour to easily show up on my dark skin. I would have to apply many layers to get this colour to show up which probably devoids the whole “sheer-finish” aspect of this blush.

Pink Patent is effortless beautiful. I adore it’s gold cap and it’s  easy-to-use plastic nozzle (which is even indented to fit your finger. There are 4 shades to get in the Cheek Rush Collection – Techno Jam, X-Pose Rose, Hot Fuse and Pink Patent as well as co-ordinating lipsticks and glosses for you to pair your cheeks to.