Budget French Skincare products stocked in Parisian Pharmacies are probably some of the best products that you could ever come across. This is like an undisputed fact that everyone in the beauty world knows and doesn’t really challenge., I mean just think about, if you have top beauty editors, influencers and makeup artists flocking to a Parisian pharmacy to stuff their carry-ons full of pharmaceutical products . . . then you know there must be something French brands like Vichy must be doing right.

A few weeks ago I came home to a lovely parcel from Vichy, which had a few treats from their Purete Thermale range – yaay random skincare – so I’ve been putting the products through the motion these last few weeks and I thought that it was about time I did a quick review to let you know how I’m getting on (as that is what bloggers do lol).


I’m not a stranger to face oils – I actually use them as part of my nighttime routine – so the new Vichy Beautifying Cleansing Miscellar Oil – £13.75 via Boots was a doddle to use. You are meant to massage the gel onto a damp face then rinse off with water but I prefer to first use a makeup wipe to help shift my makeup a little before using the Vichy Miscellar Oil. I think I am on the fence about this product as I do not feel that it is the most moisturising or effective face oil that I have ever used as it didn’t really remove my makeup as well as I feel it should have plus it is HEAVILY perfumed and I felt the scent just lingered on my skin which I didn’t particularly like.

The Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel – £9 via Boots – is quite easy to use as it’s just a face wash in a gel formulation. I simply massaged the gel unto my face after I’ve removed my makeup using a micellar water and face oil combo – I have a triple-cleansing routine (don’t judge me) – and wash it off with warm water. My face does feel quite hydrated and fresh after using this cleansing gel and the pump action dispenser on the top is quite easy to manoeuvre with wet hands so I’m pleased as punch and will definitely keep using this product.

I’m sure you can use the Micellar Oil from the Vichy Purete Thermale range first and then cleansing gel but I don’t particular like how this oil-gel combination feels on my skin as I felt the Vichy Beautifying Cleansing Miscellar Oil strips the oils from the face without really taking off my makeup or rehydrating my skin so I honestly feel that the Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel is the better option of the two . . . but that’s just my humble opinion.

Even though I could just nip to Boots to pick up some of my favourite brands, I still prefer to pick up my skincare bits and bobs at a French Pharmacy rather than buying it in the UK. I know that is probably a bit strange but I like roaming the aisles and discovering products that haven’t quite made it across the channel just yet. I’m actually going to Paris in 2 weeks so I will be stocking up on a few essentials so let me know in the comments below what French Skincare products are at the top of your lust list.