When it comes to skin, I like to think I’ve been blessed with some pretty good genes. I have normal skin with no pigmentation problems. I rarely ever get spots and if I ever learned to remember to take off my makeup at night and stop burning my forehead with my straighteners, I could leave my house foundation-less. Unfortunately due to a slightly severe allergic reaction I had to a skincare products a couple weeks back . . . This has changed slightly, my skin has taken a tumble into the dry side.
The skin on the bridge of nose feels super, super, dry and I think post-lotion and pre-foundation, it looks super flaky. I also haven’t been able to do any makeup series lately because my face STINGS after 2 looks so I just give up (I’m not a believer in self inflicted pain). Luckily I’ve stumbled across a great highstreet (yes, I said highstreet *I’m shocked too*) product that seems to be working wonders.
Garnier’s Clean and Soft Complete Cleansing Milk is a hydration genie in a pink bottle. It gently removes all my face makeup and the majority of my eye makeup in one application. I’m super in love with this at the moment, not because of it’s makeup removal but how wonderful it feels on my skin!!!!
I just feel like stroking my skin all the time now, because it just feels so soft and hydrated. For £3, I hink I could sing, shout, tap dance*badly* about this because it works. I just love it.
Isn’t it strange when something so cheap beats higher end products???