To be completely honest with you, I am a bit baffled on how a finishing powder can act as both a primer and a setting powder. I’ve been “taught” that you place liquid/cream products like foundations and concealers ON TOP of a powder so when I was given the Gosh Prime ‘n Set Primer & Setting Powder (RRP £9.99 ) I really felt that I should try it out just to wrap my head around the whole concept.


GOSH Prime ‘n Set transform skin  by visually minimising pores, fine lines, redness and imperfections. Wear Prime ‘n Set on its own or as a primer, or sweep over foundation for an airbrushed look.

As a high-street finishing powder, I think  the Prime ‘n Set is actually quite good and I would recommend it to anyone just starting out in makeup or just looking for an inexpensive way to make you makeup last a few more hours. It’s milled white powder that can be used on top of concealer or foundation to stop it setting into lies and creases during the day. As it has a translucent finish you can opt to use this by itself to keep shine as bay but if you have dark skin like me, I advise that you apply this with a very light hand.

I have tried this as as primer and while you do get that initial “velvet-primer” touch to you skin, I feel that it works a lot better as a finishing/setting powder than as a primer but honestly that’s just my and my skin’s opinion. If you have oily skin, you might want to apply this powder just after your primer and your foundation but if you happen to have dry skin, I would advise not using this as a primer

I’m going to be putting this along with my other setting powders – I’m a powder fiend – but let me know what you think about using a powder as a primer. I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts

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