Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique are a &%*^£ to open. I can’t remember the last time I actually physically fought with a lipstick to open – though I did come close with the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie range – I have horrible hand-eye coordination so I personally found the whole “push down the Guerlain square logo, then pull it and then push out the lipstick” sequence very daunting but after a lot practice and almost destroying the lipstick mechanism (and lipstick) in the process, I finally got the hang of it

guerlain_rouge_automatique_in_flirt dun_jour_169_belle_de_nuit_christmas_collection_2011_limited_Edition_epiphanniea_nude_lipstick_packaging


Bought at the epicness that is Cosmetic Candy’s annual blogsale, Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Flirt D’un Jour was part of the Guerlain 2011 “Belle de Nuit” Christmas Collection and is a “soft, luminous pink” which applies with a very sheer, glossy finish. As it is not the most pigmented shade to ever have graced my lips  – nudes never really are – I’m going to try and focus more on it’s texture. Rouge Automatique 169 feels more like a lip balm when first applied as it’s light, moisturizing and hydrating and you don’t experience any drying and settling into lip cracks effects – which I loathe!!!!

guerlain_rouge_automatique_in_flirt dun_jour_169_belle_de_nuit_christmas_collection_2011_limited_Edition_epiphanniea_nude_lipstickguerlain_rouge_automatique_in_flirt dun_jour_169_belle_de_nuit_christmas_collection_2011_limited_Edition_epiphanniea_nude_lipstick_black_girl_dark_skin_arm_swatchguerlain_rouge_automatique_in_flirt dun_jour_169_belle_de_nuit_christmas_collection_2011_limited_Edition_epiphanniea_nude_lipstick_coverAs I was using this shade on top of a neutral brown lipliner while I was wearing out and about to test it, I can’t say for certain how long the lipstick would last on it’s own as it’s a bit too cool for me to wear it comfortable without one but I think this last about 5 hours and even then you don’t really feel like reapplying as your lips feel really great.

guerlain_rouge_automatique_in_flirt dun_jour_169_belle_de_nuit_christmas_collection_2011_limited_Edition_epiphanniea_nude_lipstick_black_girl_dark_skin_lip_swatch

I’m thinking of grabbing a few more shades of the Guerlain Rouge Automatique in deeper shades so I can REALLY tell how this lipstick behaves.