Believe it or not, my legs are actually the driest and most troublesome of my body. Without the right levels of moisture, my legs get this weird scale-like coating – TMI? – very similar to eczema but vanishes the minute my leg is exposed to moisture or water. . . yes I am part mermaid for those asking – Don’t tell anyone, it’s 37% a secret – but when trying out new-to-the-beauty-market lotions that claim to be nurturing and healing, I always test them out on my legs to see whether their claims are true or not . . . which brings me onto today’s review.


HealGel Body (RRP £39.50) is a gel moisturiser packed with active ingredients that help to soothe, repair and protect your skin. I think the entire HealGel range is quite different from the norm as it is the brain child of a team of the world’s leather plastic surgeons, a renowned dermatological biochemist and an actor. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting when I worked the HealGel Body Gel into my skin but I was quite happy about how easily it absorbed into my skin but I found that my legs looked slightly parched by the end of the day so I thought that I should take a quick dive into its ingredient list to see what my legs loved and didn’t quite like.

I really had to put my evil Google powers to use for this review as I didn’t know the majority of the ingredients used in this product and I never feel comfortable reviewing a skincare product without knowing whether or not it was actually doing something good for your skin. Now I already know that Heal Gel’s Body is not tested on animals; which is a great thing to know if you’re an animal lover and can be used on all skin types but I have also found out that HealGel Body lists Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate (an amino-acid found in collagen and elastin) and Polysilicone (an organic compounds that absorbs UV light) as being main ingredients in their formula however I’m not really happy with the use of Dimithecone & Phenoxyethanol in this moisturiser. Body Gel is a daily skincare product so to have Dimithecone; which acts as a coating over your skin, blocking and trapping bacteria and impurities inside your skin and takes 5 days to completely come off skin – find out more here –, and Phenoxyethanol appear quite high in its ingredient list isn’t great but apart from those two issues, I think it’s quite evident why this lotion is described as having an ‘Advanced Skin Rescue Body Formula’.


I don’t think the Heal Gel is for me as I would prefer something a bit richer for my entire body BUT I think this is one of those SUPER RARE products that I could give to some of my guy friends as it has gender neutral packaging without an overwhelmingly girly scent – it actually smells a lot like mint.

HealGel Body is available to purchase from Space NK and the HealGel Website

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