Sometimes I feel like the UK is really slow to get the exciting new launches but I’m quite pleased that it only took about 2 weeks for the new Kat Von D lipstick formulation to make it across the pond.

I’m OBSESSED with Kat Von D lipsticks in general, I mean you only have to take a cheeky peek at my Kat Von D Swatch Collection to know that the love is there. As I actually own 3 of the original Kat Von D Hexagram Studded Kiss Lipstick – which we will call the KVD Hexagram v. 1.0 for the remainder of this post – and thankfully one was unused, we are going to be comparing the Hexagram v. 1.0 again the new and improved Hexagram to see if anything has “really” changed or if this is all a clever marketing ploy.

So a bit of background of this lipstick. The Kat Von D Hexagon Studded Kiss Lipstick – £16.00 via Debenhams –  is described as being “the creamiest, most cushiony and unbelievably pigmented lipstick to ever cross your lips”. The KVD Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick range features a high-chroma content for pure, vivid color in a revolutionary base formula with smooth spherical pigments and lip-nourishing ingredients to create a lipstick that feels super soft of the lips and weightless.

It is surprisingly easy to differentiate the two lipsticks as the new version is completely black while the previous version is black and silver. The other way to ‘spot the difference’ between the two lipstick without opening them is to look at the label sticker on the bottom of the lipstick. The original Kat Von D Hexagram lipstick has a bold, white font while the text of the newer version has a semi opaque font.

As the new Kat Von D Hexagram Lipstick is 3.4g (compared to the original’s weight of 3.0g), it is debatable whether or not you are getting more product with this new release but I would like to be unrealistically positive and think that you do.

Kat Von D Hexagram Studded Kiss Lipstick

Comparing my swatches of the two Hexagram shades, there doesn’t seem to be a big shade difference between the two lipsticks although if I were to be extremely picky I would say that the 2018 reformulation for the Kat Von D Hexagram lipstick is a little darker than the original.

Kat Von D Hexagram Studded Kiss Lipstick (2018 Reformulation)

Personally I actually prefer the formulation and texture of the original Kat Von D Hexagram Studded Kiss Lipstick over the ‘new and improved’ version, and I am a little gutted that the KVD team have messed with one of my favourite lipsticks.

The main selling point of the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick range for is that they had a creamy formulation but this new version is quite matte with a more difficult to apply as you now have to tug this lipstick across your lips.

The new Kat Von D Hexagon Studded Kiss Lipstick costs £16.00 and can be purchased exclusively from Debenhams.