A quick glance at the Dionysus-esque Kryolan logo lets me know straight away that this brand has ties to the film and theatre industry (and I’m not wrong). Kryolan is a professional cosmetic brand that has been supplying the film, theatre and television industries for over sixty-six years. They have an extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality items and every single one of the Kryolan color-true products are designed to flourish under HD lighting and filming conditions. Ladies and Gents, this means that anything bought from Kryolan won’t you that “deer caught in headlights” look or the “attacked by flash lighting” look which is best known as “the 5 shades lighter and ghostly look”. I recently received the Kryolan . . .in a press goodie bag and as I’ve finally gotten a chance to play around with this duo-chrome cream pigment needs some blog time.


I’ve never tried any Kryolan products before but I always spot their stands at beauty trade shows as they tend to have the best makeup artistry displays – half zipped face anyone? – but now that I have Kryolan Illusion in Velvet, I know that I will actually spend a considerable amount of time browsing their range. Illusion is a dinky (4.5ml) lightweight highlighting cream with a duo-chrome pearl finish. At first I didn’t think much of this as white pigments have disappointed me in the past but after Tijan started singing it’s praises, I decided to chuck away my prejudices and indulge myself.


While it looks like it should be “Casper the friendly ghost” white, Velvet swatches a beautiful yellow gold and gives cheekbones, lips, and other parts of the skin a golden-shine. I find that if I pop it on my browbone and on the top of my cheekbone I get a beautiful highlighter that’s just indescribable. I’m actually going to be carrying this around for LFW as it’s pocketsize and saves me having to haul around a MAC MSF.