MAC Sweet Tooth Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss


I almost feel like I’m cheating on my #365LipstickDays Lipstick Challenge by reviewing the MAC Sweet Tooth Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss but my lips need some R&R today as I need to exfoliate them and keep them as soft as possible so I’m diverting – slightly – from our usual lipstick programme to talk about my favourite lipgloss (which unfortunately was limited edition but you can’t help what you love)

MAC Sweet Tooth Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss – £18.00 via LookFantastic – is a limited edition lipgloss from the MAC Sweet Flamingo collection that MAC released in 2016 – I think – I haven’t really been keeping up with the MAC Collections as of late as they bring out too many and I personally don’t feel that the collections are anything to write home about – I miss pre-2014 MAC – but I’m waffling again. MAC Sweet Tooth is a warm pink lipgloss with a pearlized finish that works on just about any skin tone, in my opinion.

If MAC re-releases this lipgloss shade – which they are bound to do sometime soon – I would be VERY tempted to pick up a back up as I really do like this gloss. I wear the MAC Sweet Tooth lipgloss over a nude lipliner and I’m pretty much set for the day as it wears quite feel. I think its a little on the sticky side but not unbearable so and it lasts about 2 hours before you need a cheeky top up.

Sorry if this post is a little on the short side but I’m really struggling to put together a coherent written piece of work about a warm-pink lipgloss especially as it’s limited edition and not available to purchase anymore BUT hopefully I’ve still managed to convey my thoughts about this lipgloss.

MAC Sweet Tooth Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss
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