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When it comes to red lipsticks, I’m so darn picky! Is it weird that I bought the MAC Mulling Spices Liptensity Lipstick only to get home and realise that I already owned something similar in 4 different brands?! The only saving grace to my bank account is that all five lipsticks do not have the same formula – or I would be banging my forehead on the wall (which wouldn’t be appropriate as my forehead is large enough – Thank You Ma’am) – so there is actually a chance (albeit very slim) that I might get my moneys worth out of this lipstick.

The MAC Mulling Spices Liptensity Lipstick  – £17.50 via John Lewis – is true to shade, intensely pigmented, cherry red lipstick with a satin finish. I think MAC have really pushed the envelope with the Liptensity range as the pigmentation in this lipsticks is so good and so easy to apply – though if you are looking for precise, instagram-perfect lips, then I don’t think this is the lipstick for you – I could probably apply this standing up on the Central Line AT PEAK TIME!

After testing quite a few liquid and matte lipsticks for my #365LipstickDays Lipstick Challenge, I actually welcome the hydration and creaminess of the MAC Mulling Spices Lipstick as my lipstick as just tired right now.

If you’re anything like me and love products with high pigment levels and pure, unsaturated lipsticks but don’t really like the pinched feeling that liquid lipsticks can leave you with then the MAC Mulling Spices lipstick might be right up your street. Although the MAC Mulling Spices Lipstick is semi-opaque, the pigmentation and colour payoff for this lipstick is so intense that you can’t actually tell, I do have to warn you that this lipstick slips and slides. I feel like it stained my lips just a tad which gave the illusion that it had a very long weartime when in fact I would say this lipstick gave about 3 to 4 hours worth of wear at a push.

If you happen to be a lover of red lipstick and want to build your collection then I would definitely recommend this shade to you as I do think that the MAC Mulling Spices Liptensity Lipstick is a gorgeous red lipstick that is easy to wear, pigmented and ridiculously soft on the lips.

The MAC Mulling Spices Liptensity Lipstick costs £17.50 and is available to purchase from John Lewis.

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