Ready . . . Set . . . Manicure!!!!


Ok, I’m not really sure what to write now to follow the previous sentence without sounding like a French Press Release – watch BBB’s video to understand the joke – but I am really loving the convenience of the L’Oreal Paris Nails a Porter range. I wore Killer Nude over the weekend to go to my aunt’s fundraiser party as it’s much easier to start this at home and finish it in the car than lugging around some nailpolish.


With each Nail a Porter set you get twelve nail-sizes to choose from which is great as this expands your chances of match a false nail to your natural nail shape. Due to wearing contacts, I normally keep my nails fairly short, which in hindsight is great as Killer Nude were almost the exact length as my natural nail – huzzah!!!! Killer Nude is a beige nailpolish with a black crescent tip that I would never get away with on my natural nails as this shade on nude always looks but I quite like the look of these on my nails *flexes fingers*


The only problem I had with Killer Nude is the weartime/longevity. As I have reviewed this range before and set of Nails a Porter falsies I reviewed stayed on for almost a week before I got bored of them and forcibly removed them, I’m thinking that there must have been something wrong with the stickers on this set as it didn’t last AT ALL – I’m talking like anhour before nails started going missing – Despite this little set back I would still recommend this false nails range as they so normally last the test of time and cut down the “waiting for your  nails to dry and praying that you don’t smudge them” process. If you want to see a mini tutorial on how I apply the L’Oreal Paris Nails a Porter range, click here.