I don’t usually use correctors as I don’t really suffer from dark circles or facial scarring – though I do have the odd straightener burn on my forehead – I’ve been scrolling through the recent search on my blog and it seems that quite a few of do suffer from dark under eye circles so I thought I’d do a review on one of the easiest colour correctors to obtain on the UK market and do a little tutorial later on in the week.

I picked up MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector (RRP £15.50) at the MAC Pro Store in Convent Garden so I’m not too sure if this is a standard MAC product or Pro product as MAC Pure Orange is a cream corrector NOT a concealer. The main difference between a corrector and a concealer is that a concealer will NOT correct the dark purple tones on dark skin, it just mutes it slightly. The trick is to apply a corrector first to block unwanted tones, a foundation in your exact skintone and finish off with a brightening concealer or highlighter.

mac_studio_finish_skin_corrector_pure_orange_how_to_conceal_dark_circles_on_dark_skin_epiphanniea_review mac_studio_finish_skin_corrector_pure_orange_how_to_conceal_dark_circles_on_dark_skin_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch

Personally I do think that the MAC Pure Orange Corrector is a great corrector for darker ston tones as it is highly pigmented, long-lasting and offers SPF 35 protection. This little 6g pot might not seem like much but this will literally last you forever – I know this for a fact as it takes me almost 18month to finish up any MAC Studio Finish pot – and a little goes a long way as even a little dab provides enough coverage to effectively conceal dark circles or scars.

I know that there are plenty other orange toned correctors on the market but this has got to be the best one I’ve ever used or swatched but if you don’t believe me – *side eye if you don’t – visit back later on in the week as I will be doing a ‘How To Hide Dark Circles on Dark Skin’ post so keep tuned!

Also if you have any tutorial requests, feel free to tweet me (@Epiphanniea) or drop me an email.