I’m not really having any luck with the Talk That Talk lipstick and lip pencil combo from the Riri Hearts MAC collection. Both were hyped as being amazing and both failed to exceed or even meet my expectations . . . can I get my money back?? I’m not even joking about this. What are the T&Cs for MAC returns on swatched products?

mac_talk_that_talk_prolongwear_lip_pencil_lippencil_lipliner_riri_hearts_mac_rihanna_lippencil_collection_deep_plum_purple_limited_edition_epiphanniea_review mac_talk_that_talk_prolongwear_lip_pencil_lippencil_lipliner_riri_hearts_mac_rihanna_lippencil_collection_deep_plum_purple_limited_edition_epiphanniea_review_2

Ok I’m being a tad bit dramatic (not that much though) as the MAC Talk That Talk Prolongwear Lippencil is actually not that bad . . . as long as you don’t pair it with the Talk That Talk Lipstick anyway. Described as a ‘blackened plum’ shade, the Talk That Talk lippencil is the deep-plum dream shade for MAC Rebel and Cyber lovers worldwide.

As a liner, it’s not moisturing or drying but liners are not really designed to be hydrating, it’s there to make your lipstick last for days and that it does. This should keep for about 8 hours but do note that after a few hours of wear time the outer rims of your lips will lighten a tad bit.


Why does it do this? I donn’t know. I’m just here reporting on how did prolongwear pencil acted on me, it might wear different on you.