If you follow me on twitter then you already witnessed my girly meltdown over my Makeup Forever package – I have no regrets – as Makeup Forever is a brand that I could only get at the IMAT trade show or across the pond at Macys, I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am that the Makeup Forever range is coming to the UK AND will be available at Debenhams and the Debenhams Oxford Street store from the 19th May 2015.

To mark the launch, Makeup Forever are going to hold live window display, a photography series by RANKIN, body painting with Dany Sanz and makeup tutorials at the Debenhams Flagship store so I’m definitely thinking of going on a huge swatch fest or something to celebrate.

Before then, I thought I should dig into my package and let you know what you can look forward to

Makeup Forever Black Diamond Artist Eyeshadow

Makeup Forever Black Diamond Artist Eyeshadow The Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow in Black Diamond D104 – RRP £13 –  is a super pigmented, black eyeshadow with large silver sparkles that is absolutely gorgeous. I really don’t think my swatch does it any justice but it was very difficult to translate how well the sparkles sit within the eyeshadow.

I would say that the Black Diamond eyeshadow is a close dupe of MAC’s Black Tied powder eyeshadow but with better sparkles and less fall out. If you want to wear use this eyeshadow all over the lid, I would definitely recommend that you use a strong black base so that the sparkles really jumps out.

epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_makeup_forever_is_coming_to_the_uk_debenhams_makeup_forever_artist_eyeshadow_in_black_diamond_D104_black_girl_dark_skin_review epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_makeup_forever_is_coming_to_the_uk_debenhams_makeup_forever_artist_eyeshadow_in_black_diamond_D104_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch

Makeup Forever Eggshell Artist Eyeshadow

The Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow in Eggshell M530 – RRP £13 – is definitely a brow bone eyeshadow . . . ok it is a brow bone eyeshadow on me. I like the fact that the Eggshell eyeshadow is a matte, warm-toned off-white shade but I do think that it feels a bit like finely-milled chalk. I don’t think this Eggshell is a pigmented as Black Diamond but as they are two contrasting eyeshadow shades with different finishes, it would be highly irrational to think they would perform the same way.

epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_makeup_forever_is_coming_to_the_uk_debenhams_makeup_forever_artist_eyeshadow_in_eggshell_M530_black_girl_dark_skin_review epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_makeup_forever_is_coming_to_the_uk_debenhams_makeup_forever_artist_eyeshadow_in_eggshell_M530_black_girl_dark_skin_swatch

Makeup Forever Orange Red Aqua Waterproof Lipliner

You can never have to many lip pencils so I think the new Makeup Forever Aqua Waterproof LipLiner Pencil in Orange Red 25C is a welcome addition to my makeup collection. This tomato-red, waterproof lipliner can be used to reshape and emphasize the lip contours – Kylie Jenner lip tutorial anyone? – but I think the main selling points for the Orange Red Aqua Lip Liner is that is saliva resistant . . . *tries not to snigger*, non-transferable and can be used all over the lips as long as you don’t use an oily lip balm

Makeup Forever Shimmering Plum Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

The Makeup Forever Aqua Waterproof LipLiner Pencil in Shimmering Plum 4L is very creamy and glides like a dream. I cannot comment on it’s longevity and wear at the moment as I still trying it out but if this eyeliner still pops by the end of the day – bear in mind I wear contact lens AND have hay fever – then it truly deserves to be called a waterproof eyeliner


Makeup Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup

I have to be honest and say that I normally haven’t actually swatched or used this foundation as it is CLEARLY the wrong shade for my skintone but as it came as part of my Makeup Forever bundle, I felt that you needed to know that the Makeup Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup Foundation – RRP £27 – will be available at Debenhams from May.

The Face & Body Liquid Makeup Foundation comes in 19 shades and is supposed to have a gel-like texture that is very light and leaves a natural, satin finish on the skin.

Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Would it be inappropriate to include a Moulin Rouge gif right now?

No?? Great!!

If the Makeup Forever Artist Intense Lipstick in Moulin Rouge – RRP £19 – is supposed to have a satin finish, I can only imagine how matte the Makeup Forever matte lipstick range is because this lipstick is  matte.

I actually thought that Makeup Forever’s Moulin Rouge was  a matte lipstick until I searched the Makeup Forever US website and found out that I had gotten it completely wrong!! Regardless this vivid, red lipstick is to die for. It is intensely pigmented, very comfortable, doesn’t really transfer and has a wear time of about 4 hours. It does stain the lips a little but show me a red lipstick that doesn’t.


I actually have a few more Makeup Forever products to show you but I’m going to review them in chunks as this post would have been way too long! I hope you like this little sneak peek of what is to come and if you have any questions about Makeup Forever and their upcoming launch, leave a comment below or tweet me at @Epiphanniea