As much as I love high end products, sometimes I need to watch my pennies and if I can find a good product at a ridiculously low price, then I’m a happy bunny. I really appreciate it when a highstreet brand pushes their boundaries and produces a product very similar to a high-end product already on the market so when I was given the Makeup Revolution Love Pink lipstick to play around with, I wiped off the lipstick I was wearing, snapped a few pictures and wore it immediately because it’s just soooooo pretty!

makeup_revolution_amazing_care_love_pink_#happylips_lipstick_epiphanniea_review makeup_revolution_amazing_care_love_pink_#happylips_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_close_up

Makeup Revolution Amazing Care #happylips Lipstick in Love Pink (RRP £3) is a fuchsia pink lipstick encased in a clear, Argan oil shell, so you receive an intense shot of colour with intense hydration equaling great levels of comfort – yes, I am aware the way I wrote this sounds like a maths equation. As the lipstick is encased in a balm, Love Pink feels less like a lipstick and more like a coloured balm or lipgloss which some people might like or loathe, personally I found Makeup Revolution’s Love Pink Lipstick to be a little difficult to apply and had to change my lipstick application technique.

makeup_revolution_amazing_care_love_pink_#happylips_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_pink_lipstick_swatch makeup_revolution_amazing_care_love_pink_#happylips_lipstick_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_lips_pink_lipstick_swatch

As the tips and sides of this lipstick bullet is a balm with the colour inside, you can’t get precise application without using a lipstick brush as the colour starts to retract into the balm. I had to apply the lipstick a few times to get an even colour so I think I would only wear this lipstick when I’m having a very relaxed day but I can’t see it being an every day wear – despite the colour being ABSOLUTELY STUNNING – because I want a bit more precision with my lipstick.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Love Pink #happylips Lipstick can be purchased on the Makeup Revolution Website & Superdrug.