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MDM flow Greater Than Volumising Mascara

This is actually my second time talking about the MDM Flow Greater Than Mascara as I lost my first post when my website crashed a few months ago and as my backup wasn’t current, I ended up losing a few weeks worth of posts – oh woe is me!! – I’m not going to lie, losing my posts did knock out my blogging steam as I just couldn’t find the energy to retype my opinions on this mascara from MDM Flow.

It’s taken a few months – ok 3 months – but I’ve finally recuperated, I’m feeling inspired so you might as well get comfortable because here’s review 2.0.

The MDM flow Greater Than Volumising Mascara – £21.00 via MDM Flow – could probably get away with marketing itself as “the darkest mascara on the market”. This mascara has been formulated with a highly intense black pigment concrentation which makes it super intense and super dark. I’m always on the lookout for black eye products that are “actually” black rather than a dull-grey black so the Greater Than mascara ticks many of my boxes when it comes to pigementation.mdm-flow-greater-than-mascara-review-epiphanniea-black-mascara-review-british-london-brand

My MDM flow Greater mascara is a little older than the one MDM Flow currently has on their website as their mascara now features an indented brush so I might do a comparison review in the next few weeks – as you do – but honestly I don’t think that much has changed in terms of formulation (but I could be wrong) .

In terms of application, this mascara is quite different from the mascaras I have in my collection as you have to activate it . . . no, I’m being serious, you actually have to activate the Greater Than Mascara.

According to the MDM Flow website, you have to shake this mascara for 10 seconds and then pump it a few times – recommended 10 times – to activate the pigments in the formula and ensure that you get a thick, layered wand. I’m not going to say that this seems to be alot of effort – although I am thinking it – but you don’t need to go through this ritual every time you use this mascara though I would recommend doing once every week or so.


Personally I don’t feel that the MDM Flow Greater Than Mascara is THAT volumising as it doesn’t really separates and fan out my lashes, it just makes them look extremely dark. I don’t think this mascara works amazingly well on its own and should be layered on top of your favourite mascara so that you can a super intense, super pigmented effect.

The MDM Flow Greater Than Volumising Mascara costs £21.00 and is available to purchase from Beauty Bay and the MDM Flow website

What do you think?

Written by Epiphannie


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