Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer SPF 20

As I’m a card carrying member of #TeamForehead, primers and setting powders are a necessary part of my beauty routine which I won’t be changing anytime . . . . well unless I decide to don my evil villain cape and blind people with my forehead shine powers – only an 87% exaggeration – anyway as I’m such a luxury makeup lover, I thought it was about time I took a little look on the highstreet and see what products are now available on the market . . . plus I’ve heard good things about the new Max Factor primer and wanted to try it out.

maxfactor_face_finity_all_day_primer_spf20_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_normal_skintype maxfactor_face_finity_all_day_primer_spf20_epiphanniea_review_black_girl_dark_skin_normal_skintype_packaging

The first thing I noticed about the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer SPF 20 (RRP £10.99) was that it lacked the “silicone feel” that most primers have. It actually feels very wet and cool yet despite this, still haD a slight mattifying effect. With the inclusion of micro correctors in the primer formula, it is designed to aid foundation without draining away the glow from the face

I’m going to be quite frank and just say that the Facefinity primer doesn’t last all day BUT it does last for a very long time. It prolong the wear of your foundation – sans powder – so you don’t notice any shine for roughly 12 hours. At £10.99 it is a LOT cheaper than my day-to-day primers and comes with SPF 20 protection so to be quite honest, you are getting a great deal. As much as I love this and think it’s an amazing product I won’t be using this for at least two months or so, as it does contain an SPF and I was recently advised to lay off my SPF as I have a Vitamin D deficiency due to “lack of sun”. Once the sun comes out, I will probably choose to use the Max Factor primer as a moisturizer/primer combo with a bit of coloured powder on top and just go about my day.

The Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer SPF 20 is available to purchase from Boots and Superdrug,

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  1. I keep seeing this primer and was unsure if I should go for it or not! After reading this though I think I will give it a go! Thanks for the post xx

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