I remember as a child I absolutely loved going to my grandpa’s farm. It always meant hours of fun with my cousins , on acres of land with the smell of oranges and limes in the air. I have always loved a strong, citrus fragrance as it reminds me of carefree, happy days – and  how I attempted to make my own version of Five Alive & wondered why it didn’t taste the same – Last night I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Reward Style office; courtesy of Molton Brown & Reward Style; to bask in the scent of their classic scent; Oranges and Bergamot.

molton-brown-orange-bergamot-indulge-collection-30th-anniversary-rewardstyle-rsmoltonbrown_reed_infuser molton-brown-orange-bergamot-indulge-collection-30th-anniversary-rewardstyle-rsmoltonbrown_oranges molton-brown-orange-bergamot-indulge-collection-30th-anniversary-rewardstyle-rsmoltonbrown_spirit_of_seville molton-brown-orange-bergamot-indulge-collection-30th-anniversary-rewardstyle-rsmoltonbrown_cheesecake molton-brown-orange-bergamot-indulge-collection-30th-anniversary-rewardstyle-rsmoltonbrown_range

The Orange & Bergamot Collection runs from their hand care duo to their distilled Aroma-Reeds – which is already on my wish list as it smells gorgeous – and celebrate our classic collection turning 30, Molton Brown have created a trio of limited edition gift sets, along with an amazing campaign video that really captures the the spirit of Seville, Spain, through scent and culture. 

I have been given the Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Indulge Collection Set (RRP £25.00) and right now my room smells like a zesty paradise. Each item in this set contains Sevillian orange oil, bergamot and orange blossom aromas that blend together nicely and don’t smell at all artificial. I personally am in love with my set, I’m keeping it locked away til my birthday in 2 weeks just so I can walk around on my special day smelling like a citrus dream.


The Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Limited Edition Gift Sets are now available on the Molton Brown Website