Took me three months to finally get round to using and reviewing this palette from NARS but I’m pleased to say I have finally got round to it. In 2007, NARS Cosmetics partnered with J. Mendel to create a limited edition, custom-made NARS lip Palette that benefit Operation Smile; a children’s medical charity. As this palette was released way before blogs went mainstream  and only 5,000 of these palette were produced worldwide, I’m guessing this did not sell too may units of this palette as it was still available in mass at this year’s IMATS (6 years after its initial release might I add).

NARS J. Mendel Fall 2007 Lip palette NARS J. Mendel Fall 2007 Lip palette

While I dislike NARS flex packaging and lip palettes in general, I really could’t resist picking this up when it was a fraction of it’s original RRP. Split into two rows with the lip lacquers on the top row and the lipsticks on the bottom rows. This lip palette comes with  3 lip lacquers (Chica Boom, Chastity and Galactica) and 3 lipsticks (Dolce Vita, Scarlet Empress and Viridiana).

NARS J. Mendel Fall 2007 Lip paletteNARS J. Mendel Fall 2007 Lip palette - Lip Laquer SwatchNARS J. Mendel Fall 2007 Lip palette - Swatch

I can tell you right now that all the lip lacquers except Chica Boom will very nicely be ignored and Chica Boom and the lipsticks will be the only things getting any love from me – harsh but true – I’m not sure if it’s handbag worthy as I don’t want my blogging notepad covered in more makeup but the next time I do on holiday, this palette is coming with me